Guess what happens if you report someone

Well, I think we need to do away with the logic of “other games do it” or “that’s just how it is.” I think OP knows all of that. I think he’s just questioning why THIS game should have an online culture like that and he’s probably wishing that it didn’t, even if he knows that wishing doesn’t make it so.

Look, not everyone plays fighting games the same way. Some see trying to piss off your opponent as sound strategy, some like to twist the knife a little because they think it’s harmless fun or they like to trash talk and some see it as adding insult to injury, especially when some are just out to have a good time or to learn, etc. People don’t all play games at the same level or for the same reasons, regardless of the realities behind some players motives.

While I accept the fact that some people view this as strategy or harmless fun and some people like to play the game a certain way and that’s absolutely their right, many of you need to accept the fact that the intention behind the behavior; to frustrate someone through what some might call poor sportsmanship, is not welcomed by everyone.

It’s not a matter of having thicker skin, getting better, or anything along those lines. You can be the best player in the world and still not enjoy it when someone shows you what you consider to be poor sportsmanship. The flipside is that some don’t believe in sportsmanship and just want to win. There are multiple sides here and those don’t always agree.

For a newcomer or someone with a lower/midlevel of skill, routinely encountering something like this that you see as negative might deter you from that game’s online environment even if many other players see it as “just the reality of playing” or think it’s funny or whatever.

I’m not saying that everyone should behave the way OP wants them to. We’re all individuals here. Again, I’m just saying that there are two sides to this coin; two perspectives. Saying that this is just a reality doesn’t make it right or okay for everyone. I wouldn’t want to see someone banned over this, not by any means. But it also doesn’t make me want to jump online and play a bunch of people that are trying to get under my skin and make me angry as opposed to simply playing the game and having a good time.

Just my two cents.


Out of al the games I play…which is a lot… Ki online is by far the most toxic when it comes to tea bagging, hate mail, rage quits, voice chat that is rude or noisy, and excessive taunting and double ultra type knife twisting.

XBL is also worse than PSplus…IMO

I dont understand why… but unfortunately my favorite game is that group you cant stand at school or at social gatherings lol…not everyone…but the ratio is very high.


Remember when teabagging was banned at KIWC for a brief period. Totally didn’t solve anything and just lead to an extenuating amount of toxicity, caused division, made people angry, etc. etc.


Well said. See and I think that’s what OP’s getting at, though obviously I don’t want to put words in his/her mouth. We all know the frustration and some of us feel it more than others. We all get that this is the reality, so I don’t want to come off like I was bashing others for pointing that out, because it certainly wasn’t my intention.


To the OP,taunting and such in any game will never go away.Making threads like this,letting others know that stuff throws you off your game is also a great way for potential future opponents to know your weakness…which will lead them to taunting the living hell out of you.If you cannot deal with taunting online,you are playing the wrong game.

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If I would say anything, it’s the mechanics of KI that allow for TBagging and Taunting to be easily used. Street Fighter games reset after each round so you don’t have a safe period where you can taunt. Killer Instinct has the end of a lifebar where you can do anything except attacking.

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I remember that. Even when it was reinstated after the outcry, some people still did it on principle. For tourneys, I think most players have a certain code which is that anything that’s not outwardly abusive or impedes the opponent from playing should be allowed. If it’s in the game, it’s strategy. So I tend to think that Brandon was in the wrong there, even if I totally get the desire for sportsmanship and the sentiment behind it. Not sure that forcing it on people at a big tourney was the way to go.

It was banned for like a half hour. Then the players started doing it and the developers laughed and the organizers had to decide to either throw out the best players or admit they had no enforcement mechanism. They chose option B.

This has been litigated a million times, and while I sympathize with @MikeAtzem it has been made clear, repeatedly, by IG’s staff that they personally enjoy this kind of behavior and feel it is worth losing players over. It would be very easy to remove much of that aspect of the game between rounds (by disabling ducking the instant a lifebar is depleted - some dashes will still remain) and inserting the option to break after the first Ultra. That they haven’t done so in four years means they never will.

I’m sorry you’ve had such a negative experience, @MikeAtzem. I hardly ever play anymore for that exact reason, and as you have pointed out it has absolutely stunted the growth of the game. Hopefully you find a good network to play with and enjoy what lifespan KI has left.

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I really hope you are not rude when you are beating other players who aren’t disrespectful. Now or in the future


I still don’t see where the excessive teabagging is at. I wish I could run into them but everyone is always respectful. This combined with me never experiencing the random bugs people mention, me hardly ever experiencing lag or long wait times, me never experiencing lopsided matchmaking, me maintaining my rank after months of inactivity, and me constantly getting free skins colors and characters makes me think they ki gods are way too kind to me.


Actually I agree. It’s hard to find a teabagger(1 among 100?). And most of them doesn’t teabag because they are winning, they teabag in any scenario.

I find KI online players way much kind than other FGs I played/play


So we can conclude that people who teabag are absolute morons. :heart:
Not worth anyone’s attention.

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Why don’t we all just play some Halo and teabag to our hearts content :slight_smile:


You certainly have a way with Karma for your luck to be this consistent. Whatever it may be, keep it up!

I can’t say I have had a bad streak like some had involving bugs and all that, though I know people who they have happened to and understand the frustration. As for excessive teabagging, it depends on a few factors like skill, character, playstyle, etc. For instance, as a Jago, I tend to annoy people by utilizing some of his frametraps and take full advantage of health regain. Coupled with my sub-par competitive playstyle, it tends to annoy people. People that frequent tournament scenes.

It doesn’t bother me, but for people learning, it would be annoying for someone who is clearly better at the game take advantage and aggressively display their dominance in unsportsmanlike gestures. At least those are the only ones that I have encountered.

Oddly enough, teabagging or taunting doesn’t get me like it used to, same goes for full ultras. Sure it bothers me, but not to a point where it changes my playstyle whatsoever. I find that Zelenoffing (one and done people) irritate me the most. Not just because they delude themselves into thinking they are great, but because they will just keep doing it, getting lucky and pass this mentality onto other people.

Look, I hate people who are intently playing mind games as a method to achieve victory, nonetheless, it is a method. I can’t call them out on it if it’s efficient. Again, it’s distasteful for me, though if it works, do it by any means. Sleep does it often, but there was no denying that it got in Thompxson’s head a bit at KIWC. He reacted and by doing so, it exposed a weakness.


There’s two completely separate discussions here:

  1. Should people taunt and tea bag and act like a holes? No they shouldn’t. People suck. We should discourage this behavior in our community.

  2. Should people be banned from Xbox or punished for rude behavior like taunting and tea bagging? Absolutely not. Down this path lies madness where the best new way to troll is to create an offensive interpretation of your opponents unnecessary movement and then report him because you are mad that you lost. KI is a public space. It’s like Walmart. Everyone is there. And you aren’t going to like all the people you encounter.

The best and only solution to this is to find cool people you like to play with an okay with them instead of randoms. If you aren’t willing to do that then you are stuck with whomever you get.


I was for like 2 hours in Factorio and now i came back and saw all this.

So… what I got from the Post:Take Taunt as a strategy. You just NEED to accept it as an “input” or like a “move” or something. And by all mean is not good to taunt but it happens(By taunt i mean the 24/7 Tbag and stuff)
Half people here return the favour after the got taunted or something. Thats the same thing I guess.
Im not trying to change the whole community. I dont feel like im getting attacked. It would be nice if anywhere in the game war a section(in Dojo or something) where new players learn the “unwritten” rules.
(Taunting one or two times doenst bother me. Dont get me wrong. I even like when my opponent does a full ultra after a ft5 set or ft2 or something. This is an unwritten rule. I mean you deserve to do your Ultra. That would be a good use of it. In my opionion.)

Anyway thanks for your replies. oh boy im too active on these forums.
Maybe I will make a Topic with the “unwritten” Rules.

and yeah. Noone should get banned. But Warned… that would be something.

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And by all means. Im relatively new to fighters. I just want to tell my opinion. I take your advice and always try to get better.


Hmm, after skimming this thread, taking a chill pill is about the best advice I can drum up, not everyone is a douche canoe, but sometimes we all do douche canoe-ish things and we all get salty and get a bit pi55y sometimes.

I’ve been on both the giving and the receiving end of this, but I’ve always found that truly friendly people do make polite apologies and move on (I for one am always excusing myself for getting over tired and moody, most peeps I play with tend to be in a different time zone which results in me playing sets very late at night after a full work week = recipe for a moody Nitric) and most forgive me for being a little miserable. (If I ever go “ugh” over mic, it means I’m salty, you got me and I feel very stupid for getting gotten by said tactic but I’m too tired/moody to figure it out.) :joy:

My point is, invite some people, try and make some friends, when you play with randoms, you don’t know what you’re going to get and it can quickly descend into you getting irritated by people’s actions online. That’s not to say Exhibition isn’t a good place to add friends:-

Had a good set? Send them a “GG”, add them to your list, invite them for sets in the future! Ranked is not quite so conducive to making friends as everyone is there to win and nobody is really there to make friends and it tends to give people free reign to act disrespectfully, as others have said this is just a symptom of online multiplayer competitive games, unfortunately it just is the way it is.

Oh and lastly, I would suggest taking plenty of breaks between matches/sessions. If you’re on ranked all day and you’re getting stomped/triple Ultra’d/teabagged, chances are you’re already pretty salty and even if you do manage to start racking up the wins, cause you’re rattled, the victory is going to feel pretty hollow. Take a break and do something else/some offline stuff, play Shadow Lab, practice setups, do story or Shadow Lords until you feel enough in the zone to apply your knowledge to an online situation, but if you’re in a terrible mood, don’t keep playing online, it’ll only make it worse.

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so you just say that people online sucks and you I shouldnt play online for long cause "it is the way it is"
Thats why this community wont grow guys. Noone wants to be part of this community if we must tolarate this.
I wont give up KI. But its funny how you ALL find that annoying but noone does something against and wait… you even use it against the people that use it. So it is a never ending circle. I must start tbagging guys. Thats the answer.

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Of course we find that annoying, but what are we to do to ruin someone’s fun? What are we supposed to with these teabaggers? Suspend them? Warn them? They won’t care if they’re doing it for a malicious intent. In every single big community, there will be some who find it appropriate or funny to try to get on others nerves, hence the word “troll”

Although we don’t promote that kind of behavior, you need to be realistic and realize there will always be these teabaggers and there is no realsitic way to make them stop without their consent. It’s hurting no one. This isn’t KI specific and although it may make those turn away from those the game, there are many who do stay as long as WE don’t act disrespectful online. If we make these trolls the minority of the game (which in my opinion they are) then we can have a majority standing as a accepting and friendly community.

This is just human nature. Poke the bear and it might bite back. I have rarely teabagged but I have taunted in terms of fun (I made a thread earlier about this). If someone makes fun of you, you’ll either retaliate or go on the defensive. The thing is with the Internet, the screen protects them. We can’t just go banning everyone because they poked you.

Remember that this is a game, meant to have fun. If we decided to punish anyone who played a “harmless prank” by taunting or teabagging, or hell why not just anyone who does something annoying online, this game woudn’t be fun.

All I want to say is learn to accept it, this isn’t something that will kill the game as long as we don’t fall to their level.

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