Guess what happens if you report someone

NOTHING WILL HAPPEN man. you dont get it. This report system does nothing. Thats why ALL poeple at ranked is like that and it will NEVER change. But posting a name in here IS NOT ALLOWED. Thats the ugly truth.

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Okay, but that’s life in general. You can’t block them just because they beat you or flaunt their victory. Be better than them. Trash talkers are promptly dealt with by Xbox Emforcement team. Otherwise find a way to deal with their bs dude.


you are funny man :slight_smile: I dont know. I dont like to get teabagged and taunted the whole match. So you are saying that you need to get good… I MEAN YOU NEED TO BE THE BEST AND NEVER LOSE so you will enjoy the game without TB and taunts and triple ultras and stuff? Nice mindset but i have a life too.

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You’re frustrated and want to vent. But these are private forums, there are rules to abide by simple as that. The report system does work, but they don’t take action just because 1 experience is bad. If a person is a toxic person, multiple people will respond and action will be taken. Go take a break, cool off, drink some water or get some McDonalds. Whatever it takes to calm your head.

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Just don’t stoop down to their level. The internet is a cruel place where trolls are bound to prey on people. Don’t go calling people out here. It’s not a good name you want to give yourself.

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I know how the internet is guys. I just wanna make the community better. Half people that startet on steam already gave up KI. That is sad,

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Someone has already told you how to report things in another thread. Going through those channels in the game is what is recommended.

Where is your proof that nothing will happen or the report system does nothing?

As I mentioned, we do not promote witch hunts or call out posts as it is not conducive to this forum. We can help you get better, but we, the mods, can’t control how others act in ranked or elsewhere.

As I was writing this:

Okay, I get you. But this is in other games too, not strictly this game. You need to try and brush it off, it’s just a thing in almost every game involving multiplayer. If you focus on your game rather than what things the opponent is trying to trigger you with, you will be that much better off.


This mindset is just not right.

If you don’t like to get taunted or teabagged the whole match then you probably shouldn’t be playing competitive games if it bothers you that much. That is a flaw within yourself. I taunt people in matches because if it makes them lose their composure, I win. You need to steady yourself. The community can help build you up, but they won’t pick you up. I still get salty… We all do. You know what I do though? I take that salt and focus it into my execution and don’t drop a single thing and dominate my second round. If someone wants to play, you play right back.


If they won, they earned it. It’s harsh truth.

When I started playing fighting games online, I also was trying to be “noble knight”. It’s not possible. You either get thick skin or fight fire with fire.

And I can confirm that xbox reporting system works. I got communication bans many times for insults xD


You just say the same thing. “git gud” . So you MUST win the second round. So to enjoy the game you NEED to win. Dont get me wrong, but I enjoy the game even if I lose. Only Teabagging(all the time) and triple ultras drive me crazy. You all think Im salty cause I lost. Thats not the point here.

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But it’s effective, look at you now my dude. Believe me we had a lengthy thread on teabagging and taunting and it’s just apart of fighting games in general. You let it get to you so of course they keep doing it. I used to, now I don’t. I just focus on my game plan and keep calm.

Taunting and teabagging is not report worthy believe it or not, hell, taunting is a function in most games. If they harass you over the mic or messages than yes, report them.


communication ban is nothing man… lol thats a joke

Where did I say git gud? Where did I say you need to win? I said what I do. If you want to argue like a child go ahead, but don’t expect to put words in my mouth that just are not there. If you lose, you try and come back and win. Everyone wants to win, that’s the point of a competitive game. So as I said before, if you can’t handle it, take a break for a while. Come back with a level head.

I’m gonna be harsh right now, warning you ahead of time. In your current state, being salty about taunting and t-bagging and all that. You don’t have a chance to beat me. I’d win every match we played. You’d hate everything I do because you’d be frustrated, you’d be too busy yelling at the screen and calling me names for taunting and t-bagging or getting on your nerves rather than trying to out play me. You’d miss my patterns, my setups, mixups and I don’t have to work for baits since I’d have already figured out that you’re not going to fall for them normally since you’re not analyzing my play. I’d be able to get away with full combo’s uncontested by breaks and resets would work like a charm. That’s how fighting games work, if you can break down your opponent mentally, they won’t ever beat you. That’s checkmate. Unless you find a way to harness the salt into playing, you’ll just be a salty player. Get mad at why you lost, that’s perfectly reasonable, but don’t stay mad at it, end the frustration by learning how to beat that setup next time. If taunting and t-bagging are bothering you, learn how to beat it so it doesn’t bother you next time. There really is no other way around it. Like I said about the taunting, t-bagging and full ultra thread many times. It’s a mind game. I don’t care about your time constraints in an online game. If you cannot allocate enough time to deal with all of the possibilities that can happen in a game, I’m not at fault for that. If all I have to do to break you down is press down a few times, or the home button, or just wumbo combo for 20 seconds after I win, then you better believe I’m gonna do it. All that does it make it easier for me next time.

I would like to hightlight this

I really want to help you, for real. Please, don’t take this as an attack to you, it’s not

Teabagging and taunting have the meaning you give to them. That people do it because it’s commonly accepted as an insult… but is not

Teabagging and taunting are just someone pressing a button. Just that. People use it because they want to get inside your head, make you nervous, and take advantage of that. And the only one who can avoid them having success is you. Just take them as greetings instead of insults.

You are speaking about wrong mindset. I have to say, the one with the wrong mindset is you, because it bothers you that someone pressed a button in their house. If you think about that, it’s ridiculous.

Teabagging and taunting should not have any impact on you.

They are not banned or forbbiden, one of them is even programed by devs(taunt), and some taunts are super super cool!

My advice is to don’t give any value to them. Enjoy the game, play it, win, lose, no matter what, is a game, and you shoulnd’t be angry because someone presses a button, whatever it is

Otherwise… you have the wrong mindset


The community will not get better if there are people just complaining about minimal things and trying to enforce bans upon others just because on how they play. Can we just ban people who get us annoyed or salty? Of course not, it doesn’t make sense. I sense what you’re trying to do but I don’t think you’re doing it correctly. This kind of behavior might even push away players who just want to have fun with the game. Yes, taunting may get you mad, it’s gets me mad as well. But thing is I don’t Let’s this affect me in game. Just keep playing and make sure you beat them.

If you ever need help however, we can gladly help you on how you play. I recommend the Replay and Anaylsis Thread if you’re ever down for it. We will gladly help if you are willing to. Don’t take this thread as the community being rude towards you, we just want to correct you on why you shouldn’t be calling people out here on something as meaningless as taunting


I hate getting teabagged too dude. And it usually comes from someone that ranks way lower then me, and they teabag at the first possible knock down. So I start out wanting to cut em a break, then they teabag, and I smash them into the ground, and end with a comment “that was for the teabag” Then obliterate their face and end with an ultimate.

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Reporting does work becasue I have reported ppl and they got suspended and I myself have been suspended.
But, it doesn’t happen often and it takes a really serous provable offense or multiple…many many many small reports to get anyone suspended. and even then they still get to come back… just under a different account.

Just take a break when it gets to you… I understand because yesterday I got the 5 top 32 star players in a row that did excessive taunts and teabags and 2x ultras… so you are not alone. Just try not to let it bother you to bad. You cant stop it… you can only report and move on.

the problem now is the “recent players list” doesnt work well at all. So make sure you catch them at the rematch screen in EX or later when the recent list updates, if it ever does.


I just send them a <3