Gold Skin Pack 8 is now available

Enjoy! :heart:


Cool! Omen left out again…boooo!


Wait they weren’t released? But I’ve been using golden Shisako for weeks now…

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I can’t contain the hype.

I don’t see much hype.

I demand more hype.


They were released on Steam. The Xbox/Win10 version is what just released


id prefer more ultimate’s but these will do :slight_smile:


Who bought them

No Gold Shago? No buy.
No Terminator Chrome Skin Spinal? No buy.

I’m asking for too much before christmas aren’t I? :joy:

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Why does Shin Hisako look so grumpy in that image?

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Awesome, now I can enjoy golden Kitsune Shinsako. And all that is left is Rash and Eagle. Did they ever say why Rash is the only guest getting a gold skin?

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AWESOME!! New stuff on a Tuesday. Love to see that again! Looking forward to downloading these for sure.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

“I’ve been holding this pose for 3 hours. The make-up is itchy. The studio lights hurt my eyes. It’s too warm in here. My arms hurt. I wish I was in bed. Send help.”


me irl


I already love the new community manager.


no Eagle?
not complain, I honestly wished these were all sold individually rather than arbitrary 3 packs.
I’m STILL debating spending $5 for gold Fulgore.


Kilgore is easily far and above my favorite from the 3.X trio, and the gold plating looks great on my favorite broken robot. (Seriously, if Kilgore was officially part of Season 3, he’d be right below Eyedol to claim the spot of 2nd-favorite.)

His music is ace, his design is brilliant, he’s a literal blast to play as, and Kilgore rocks. This pack was an insta-buy for me! :moneybag:



Love having Kilgore Gold skin but …Why? Why is Omen left out of everything? Is there a legal clause that keeps him out? Is it that time and money consuming to give Omen a Gold skin or Silver skin?

Why cant we get a true answer that makes sense? Not “well he is a bonus character.”… that’s not a good enough answer…it doesn’t explain anything. If this pack had 3 skins I wouldn’t say anything but it only has 2… so why not have Omen as the 3rd? Yes I know he got 3 colors months ago… but that still isnt an answer as to why he gets left out of the circle of what the main characters get. There is no doubt that Omen is just as popular as the average main character. So what keeps him on the outs?

Can we get an answer? @TempusChaoti @BlitzedKraig @TotalJimkata

They are not downloadable for definitive edition users. I figured it’s not a big deal, it must be coming at a later date, but it doesn’t say anything about “coming to definitive edition users” in the announcement.

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