Gold Skin Pack 8 is now available


Hey Eagles Gold skin now shows up in the in game>store> skins menu. Just saying.

Now if we could just get taht Omen Gold, Arbiter, and Raam??? huh huh??
And another terror skin pack??

@snickerdoodle @rukizzel @TotalJimkata How bought it friends? :wink:


I would love to see more terror skin packs for other characters!


I agreed😎


For some reason all the gold packs turned up free for me and I don’t have the definitive version. I’d actually like to see some sort of content released. If not just say it’s done


I didn’t even know I had Terror skins until I had to reinstall KI as the game kept crashing. There it was on the download menu.

Never even looked at them. :stuck_out_tongue: