General RAAM Gameplay discussion


Shadow allergo starts in 1 frame.


Aria has no moves faster than 3f (her light allegro is 3f and her shadow allegro is 3+0). She’s a lot like Fulgore/Jago/Orchid who also have that same frame data on their DPs.


Her regular allergo is 3 frames, but shadow allergo is a 1 frame move. Been punishing jago’s with it. Same with fulgore’s L blade dash.


This is the second time I’ve heard this today, and if it’s true, it’s news to me (and the in game frame data is super wrong). It would also be a huge bug, I think. I’ll test later today.


Could be a bug. although I’m sure something like would have been scoped out by now. It’s been there since the beginning of her introduction.


You might regret mentioning it because if it’s really just 1+0 it’s gonna change, lol. :\


Oh it won’t change. I brought this up months ago in the ARIA forum along other things (such as the bomb charge bug) and keits (most likely read through that whole list) and only pointed out the charge bug.

So I’m fairly confident despite being brought up months ago and they had all this time to fix it…they never did if it was a bug. Plus before they had her shadow allergo labeled as a 44,0 move (which was obviously wrong) then 2,0 (which was again still wrong.)

You can report it though if you want.


The in game frame data lies again!!


To be clear, when I say 6f, that means “hits on the 6th frame”. KI’s frame data will measure this as “5f” (ie, 5 frames of non-hitting startup, then the attack begins).

But they also call light attacks 4 frames for the same reason. In the end, no matter how you measure, stand MP is 1f slower than light attacks. That’s still really good, though… not many characters have a medium that is only 1 frame slower than a light. Usually they are 2f (or more) slower.


Its a bug. It will be fixed next update. It should be hitting on 3,0


You didn’t say anything about it before.


I just found something that I thinks pretty good.

Wall splat ender into running grab, which aplies Kryll and leaves for a standing advantage reset into grab or what ever mix up you want. The running grab doesn’t combo from the splat but the only thing I could do to get out of it was hold up. It also does a lot of damage as what ever you do after the Kryll is ticking.


They confirmed on stream that Kryll is made 100% out of salt. Many have tasted it this week. I am yet to taste it myself though. I’m sure it’s perfect.


So using Kryll shield still gives Maya’s daggers pips. Is that supposed to happen? Makes it impossible to inch your way towards her without her constantly having full pips.


Like we said on the stream, the game counts Shield hits as if you blocked. So yes, that is intended.


Many Shadow DPs have incorrect frame data.

Maya’s and Kim Wu’s Shadow wakeups hit on frame 5 rather than 7. It sucked trying to test a safe jump 100 times over before finding out it’s impossible.

Welcome to Aganos’ hell.

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Lovely. I guess emergence is an option if the Maya doesn’t catch on and hit you out of your recovery.


Canon-based bug: Doing an Ultra with Raam on TJ’s stage brings the train crashing through with bright lights. In Raam’s win pose, the lights shine brightly on him and the Kryll are still around. I thought it was funny, you can see it in the Raam stream in the match vs Hackluisrg93 (the last set).

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Okay, so I have 2 questions regarding the General and his mechanics:
1) How exactly does his decimation sword stab work with other attacks?
2) How come Aganos can still ruin him through his kryll shield?

I ask the first question, becuase despite the description of the move in the command list, it still seems to me like I can cancel any attack into any decimation.

I ask the 2nd question because ruin is a physical attack that hits only once and the kryll shield is supposed to “absorb” 1 single physical attack.