General RAAM Gameplay discussion


Sadly no. You’d think getting grab reset three times in a row and then getting anti-aired when you finally tried to jump out of it would make people salty but I guess not.


The guy was probably just too embarrassed to bother. What do you say? Any salt/hate ends when you say ‘Yeah, but you just for perfected homeskillet’. haha. Congrats btw, that’s pretty awesome.

I didn’t get a huge chance to play him today like I had hoped, outside my set with Sonic, but I’m thinking he’s gonna be one of my mains. I likes him a great deal and his setups and resets arent of the gimmiky kind that will be useless in a few months when people figure them out. It’ll still be about the opponent and you having to read one another. I think Raam has some legs under him and I look forward to figuring him out.


Raam shadow grab is 1+0 (not 2+0 like frame data says), meaning it can punish -1 moves.

Raam doing focus attack, let go (blocked), dash forward is -2, including if the focus is canceled off a special like light stab.


If I’m understanding correctly, this means:

-Raam uses focus attack and gets blocked
-Raam performs Forward dash
-Raam uses shadow grab. Any non throw invulnerable action gets grabbed

If this is true… God forgive us all…

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If Raam does light stab xx kryll shield and then lets the attack go, you are in neutral for 6 frames before the kryll shield hits you, meaning you can throw him or punish with a light attack.

If you try to throw, though, Raam can backdash the kryll shield and your throw whiffs and then he stabs you in the face. If you try to do jab xx special cancel, I think you’re pretty much safe because it won’t work AND Raam can’t punish it, but this is a harder reaction than throw.

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I’ve gotten quite a few perfects in Ranked actually (Hisako is pretty good at them), and have never gotten salt/hate mail after any of them. For whatever reason, perfects don’t really seem to piss people off :-p

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I rarely ever get hate mail, and probably haven’t got any in at least 8 months or so. I have somewhere around 5-7 Ranked Perfects, but three of them are matches where the person gave up and I just smashed their unresponsive character.

As nice as it is to get the Perfect, the fact that you know it wasn’t a real match once they stopped playing takes some of the shine off it.

The legitimate ones feel amazing when they happen, though.


I got hate mail this week from a cat I beat twice in a row in Exhibition:

“Your fighting style is rubish” [sic]


I haven’t been on much, as I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for the last few weeks, but I did try RAAM for a few hours. All in all, of all the “larger” characters, I like him the best. I don’t know why so many people dislike his move set, as I find him very dangerous.

The only thing I REALLY don’t like about him, is his Instinct. Utility wise, it is epic, especially if you pop it during a combo and get a lock out. In the lab, I was pulling off 80% damage combos w/ manauls included.

What I don’t like is the fact that the Kryll completely cover the screen. I played a few matches with Sadira against some decent RAAMs and as soon as Instinct hit, it was a total blackout. I couldn’t see them, and they couldn’t see me. Every single time, it worked in MY favor and I was able to blind hit them into a combo.

Honestly, I think the Kryll Instinct should cloud the alt player and do the potential damage. This way, you can at least see what you’re doing.

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How would you make this work in a local multiplayer setting though?

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What I’m saying is when RAAM uses his Instinct a cloud of Kryll covers the other player until Instinct ends. It does the exact same thing as it does now, just that the Kryll doesn’t cover the entire screen.

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I think you’re missing the point. The dangerous thing about Raam’s instinct is not seeing HIM. If you’re familiar with your own character you don’t really look at them all that much - it’s what the opponent (Raam) is doing that you try to look out for. His instinct makes that more or less impossible, meaning now you’re stuck fighting a character with a potent vortex who you can’t even really see.

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But part of the Instinct’s benefit, as I understand it, is to help camouflage RAAM’s easy-to-read doubles/manuals. If the Kryll are covering just the opponent, you’re actually losing any benefit besides the potential damage buildup.

The intent of his Instinct will likely be discussed during tonight’s RAAM stream, and if not specifically discussed it would make a good live question.


Raam focus attack, running grab, and any hit during combos are really good during instinct. Cancelling an attack and start walking into focus really gets ambigous

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Got the chance to play Raam, and I like him. I am however having a hard time with him. It’s not the first time I mained grapplers, as I play them in several other fighters like Battle Fantasia, so I get the overall gameplan and how his moves should work.

One problem I have is his range with st.LP and cr.LP. I get that he’s a grappler, and typically cr.LP is the “get away from me” tool. I feel like the hitbox (or maybe the range in general) is rather on the short end. I compare his st.LP and cr.LP to Zangief’s (SF), Donvalve’s (BatFan), Victor (VSav) and even Thunder’s, and it doesn’t seem as useful as theirs imo.

Throwing people in the corner with Raam is kinda wonky as well. Sometimes it works out right, and other times it doesn’t. I’m not quite sure how to explain it. Perhaps that’s another hitbox/hurtbox issue?

I think my biggest issue aside from his lights is the throw range. That too seems rather shorter compared to other grapplers’ throws.

I’m still grinding out with him, because he’s a really fun character, and is a good alt for those times I don’t feel like running Kan or Omen.

I know I’m at fault for trying to do longer combos, so I do need to work towards not doing that, and do shorter ones that end in Kryll Shield. Resets are good. I’m not quite sure what else I need to do, especially in MUs against characters like Riptor.


His standing mp is the same speed as his lights so use that if you want a quick normal with better range.


Are you sure about this? From my testing, light stab xx kryll shield leaves the opponent out of blockstun for 5 frames, so that it will outprioritize jabs on their first active frame but not throws. It also will trade with Omen’s light lightning leg special, one of the few specials active on the 5th frame, but this interaction is strange because despite the move trading and Raam taking damage, Raam is still credited with a counter hit, which makes the normally non-damaging kryll shield show as doing 1 damage on the training mode readout. Not sure if there’s any priority within special moves in KI, couldn’t find anything on the topic.

Also, I’m not sure if this was brought up already or not, but Raam seems to be able to cancel his instinct directly into his shadow command grab, removing its one frame of startup that would usually allow you to act before the super freeze. Maybe it’s a universal mechanic to remove one frame of startup from any move performed out of instinct or something, I don’t know, but the end result is that, if Raam activates instinct and sees that his opponent is on the ground and in range, there is nothing that he can do to avoid getting grabbed. In fact, even if you have the active frames of a move already out and touching Raam, Instinct>grab will still connect without a problem, despite the grab not being strike immune.


Something that i haven’t really seen other Raams do that i like to do is command grab after a blocked heavy stab. Even though you’re -1, because your grab has 3 frames of start up you’ll still beat out anything non-invincible your opponent can do. You can do the same thing with medium stab and the shadow grab, even though you’re -3 your grab will still beat out any buttons because of how fast it is. Just make sure to wait until you’ve recovered, if you cancel into it it’ll whiff.

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You’re talking about his command grab? All normal versions of his grab hit on frame 4, and have waaay bigger hitboxes than any comparablly fast non-shadow command grab. And while his shadow grab is fairly limited range, it hits on frame 2 or something, meaning it is a strict punish to quite a few specials in the game that are otherwise safe, if negative on block. You can also tick/frame trap with it, using it almost like a DP is used after tossing out an unsafe special.

If you’re talking his normal grab range, yeah, it’s not insane or anything, but still pretty solid. Raam’s got great throw options in general - he doesn’t really need any additional range on them.


Standing MP is 6f startup, and his lights are 5f.

I counted 6 distinct frames during my frame stepping last night. I don’t think I messed up the recording either. Maybe I messed something else up.

For the record, my test was do light stab xx kryll, then count how many frames the opponent’s throwable box (ie, not in block stun) was available before the red hitbox for kryll showed up. I counted 6, and the kryll hitbox appeared on the 7th frame.