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That’s the very definition of not comboing.


I would of loved it if it was a natural KI character but on the upside now we have an honest to goodness grappler

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…but I’ve been able to combo a heavy decimation off of a light or medium attack and medium decimation off a light or medium attack too. I know this because I can follow it up with an AD. It follows the combo-system of KI.

I can do:
s.LP > h.D > AD
s.MP > h.D > AD
s.LP > m.D > AD
s.MP > m.D > AD

@SithLordEDP I know a successful block will stop combos in their tracks, but that doesn’t mean the combo that was attempted isn’t a combo all of the time - it just means that your combo didn’t finish because they blocked it. That’s not any less a combo. For example, if I perform an AD or linker and you combo-break it, that doesn’t mean it’s not an AD or linker - they still are, they were just unsuccessful. Same idea.


Decimation is an opener so course you can auto after it. It doesn’t mean that it is combo-ing off the first normal which it isn’t, its just they are not blocking and the decimation special is opening a combo.


Blocks don’t stop combos in their tracks, if the opponent is able to block then the combo failed.

Forget the auto double for a second, as it is not relevant to the discussion. All the auto double proves is that the special move is an opener, which of course it is. The part of the sequence which is relative to the discussion is the normal cancelled into the special.

If you do a light attack cancelled into the heavy special move, they will always be able to block the heavy special move. This means it is not a combo, and this is what the command list is referring to. To actually get a 2 hit combo of normal attack into heavy special you need to use standing HK, with all other buttons they will be able to block.



You’ve been able to cancel into a Heavy Decimation from those attacks. However, that string does not cause a 2 hit combo. Which is what people are trying to tell you when they say ‘it doesn’t combo’. It cancels, but it isn’t a combo and so the opponent can and will just block it.

Edit: The very definition of ‘combo’ in fighting games is a series of hits that cannot be blocked after the first one.



@galacticgeek set dummy in auto blocking. If you use lp into hp decimation the dummy will block it.


If you do the light punch into heavy d,and they are able to block it inbetween the light p and heavy d,the standing punch is not part of the combo.

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I always figured a combo was just series of attacks strung together, whether they hit or not - for example, in some FGs, you can get multiple attacks strung together as part of a combo-string, but that are all still blocked by the opponent - it’s still considered a combo string though, despite the fact that it didn’t actually hit the opponent - a good example is the Mortal Kombat series - there you can string certain moves and specials and juggles together despite being blocked on the very 1st attack. This doesn’t really apply to KI, I admit, as most blocked attacks will stop you from continuing said combo-string altogether, but that’s the point I’m trying to make at any rate. Otherwise, I do see your point - I think the point of contention for me is that cancelling, to me, was basically a way to do combos - you’re basically saying that that’s not necessarily the case…


I think you are refering to block strings

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Combo string = sequence of buttons that would be a combo had you got the first hit. These can be interrupted with timing
Combo = Sequence of buttons that can be linked into each other after the first hit. These cannot be interrupted after the first hit (except CBs & CtBs in KI)

If it doesn’t apply, then why would you be making that point?


Well hooray for my ignorance in regards to fighting game terms… So, if a combo gets blocked, but can still be performed, it’s no longer a combo string, but a block string? No wonder new players into the genre often don’t stay… This Shizz gets COMPLICATED and CONFUSING. sigh

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I wasn’t referring to the sentence immediately before that, but rather the point before the previous sentence - sorry for the bad structure; it was positioned poorly.


You don’t have to know the name of something to actually know what it is. You know the concept, but you didn’t know the name, and that’s fine.


So I figure a lot of this has already been discussed, but I’ve found some dirt with RAAM that I like.

-The damage in instinct is more than just quick build up of KV for a big cash out at as per usual. The potential damage continues to build during the ender, meaning that each hit of the ender does more damage. So, using the damage ender -which also has the longest animation- you’ll get a LOT of damage. Add kryl on top of it and there will be lots of damage done in a very short period of time. I think that RAAM is definitely one of if not the highest damage character in the game.

-Flip-out into Shadow Dominance Grab is basically free damage a lot of the time. If your opponent isn’t expecting it, you get to rofl-stomp them into oblivion before they have a chance to react

-Did not know he could punish literally everything with his Shadow Grab until the stream, but now I’ll be using that and abusing it into oblivion


You forgot that if you press instinct and do the shadow command grab,it is 0 frames of start up. If they aren’t jumping before instinct,they can’t avoid it.


Ahhh…ok… back dash sounds like a good option. I dont like to jump when that close with Omen because of the floatyness of the jump. I always get hit somehow.
I will give these a go…thanks!!!

So…how can I find the data for all these moves and study them…but also trust the numbers are correct? I had some luck with doing this in MKX, but I havent really tried it in KI. All the talk of the numbers arent correct discourages me from taking the time to learn it.


I seemed to have this same confusion that you are. I even was the first to ask this question the day he released and I was told by Keits…it will not combo.

I too was able to combo in the dojo… so that made it that much more confusing.

I just kind of gave up on understanding it and just go with what works! lol


Now this makes more sense! Thanks @MBABanemobius

I think I understand now.


When i play RAAM i go stab stab stab. :slight_smile: