Do you think they’ll do something about Gargos? Redesign him somehow?

Like a way for it to be inspired by Disney’s Gargoyles?


Oh I loved that show! I can definitely see gargos looking like that.

I don’t know who made it but this looks f :grinning:cking awesome


Now, that looks legit! :smile:

That is pretty sick.

Look amazing but his leg need muscle.

Net necessarily. If I could fly my legs wouldn’t have much muscle either :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he should look like the old Gargos with maybe some tiger characterisics

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Looks really cool. I’d maybe give him a cat-like head. Not furry and colourful, but just so his face has some semblance to a big cat, since he was supposed to be disguised as the tiger spirit.

This isn’t going to be a popular idea, but I had this aesthetic to Gargos in my head where he wears armour and trophies from fallen enemies.

The idea was to have eyedol’s heads (skulls) as Gargos’s shoulder pads. This then meant that they could have some story behind Gargos, showing his power of dominion over the dimension he comes from and then to explain how not to put Eyedol in the game since Ken Lobb has stated as much.


I’d like it to look similar to omen but still recognisable. A huge winged gargoyle with improved shadow effects would be good.

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Keith David needs to voice Gargos. Period.

The voice behind Spawn, the Arbiter, Goliath, etc-sooooo many badassess, needs to voice the harbinger of shadow.

As for appearance… There may be some influence from Gargoyles but Omen already showed that:smile: )

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Gargoyles… Absolutely LOVED that show. Always nice to see it brought up again!

As for Gargos, absolutely love the face on that picture. I also dig the wings and the sort of emaciated look, but there definitely seems to be something missing. Sure, you can overdesign something, and that’s always a risk, but it feels like there should be more. Something to do with bone… Like some sort of bone armor perhaps.

Does anyone also feel like it’ll be weird having two winged characters in the game? I’m just picturing a match where Gargos and Omen are gliding toward one another and I can’t help but think it might look ridiculous.

Chances are, Gargos will be able to float, or fly in place, as opposed to gliding, but still. I’m hoping they’ll be able to do something completely different with Gargos than what they did with Omen.

Either way, love the ideas that I’ve seen in this thread so far, especially @thyReaperMC’s idea of using Keith David as his voice. That would be EPIC.

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Yes the task is to make him MORE than omen
How will he be superior.

This image still looks like Omen, so not sure how advanced that is.

I think for Gargos, instead of a mask, bracelet or a foot brace, his accessory should be different sets of wings- metal, bloody bat skin, webbed and skeleton

I like that pic but I wouldn’t have his build that lean, I would think it more appropriate to be more bulkier/ and ripped like crazy but not too big where wings can’t support his weight. Gargos needs to be bigger than most of the cast but definitely smaller than Aganos. I’m thinking Thanos’ size like in the Marvel SuperHeroes game.

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I always assumed he would look kinda like a more defined version of Omen.

I have no doubt that they will do an amazing design for Gargos.They just have to “accessorize” him, forget the “nude gargoyle”. I’m more interested in his gameplay.

Most of his moveset was borrowed from other characters(breath of fire=Cinder’s inferno, sabrewulf animations…). To differentiate Omen and Gargos(both winged “men”), Omen is slim, agile and has poor damage. Gargos should be bulky, slower, and with good damage.

I imagine Gargos with slow walk speed, hovering over the ground, with his arms crossed over his chest while smiling with evil, with “veins” of shadow energy, and normals that use this(much like M. Bison psycho power punches). Grounded and air fireball, a “charge” move aimable via wings(think in Aganos natural disaster), his maniacal laugh as taunt, an air dash/fly mode(like Omen/ARIA)…
As master of shadow energy, maybe he can drain your shadow meter, but instead refilling his, like spinal, he regains lifebar with it.


Ship it as is.

Seriously, looks great.

Awesome man, only thing is I want Gargos to be a physical being not shadow like Omen, his veins and muscle should be ripped like Jago, only that he is larger in stature. I like your idea of him mocking and folding his arms. He should fly unlike Omen and Gargos should have a spinning dive from the air with his wings wrapped around himself as one of his attacks. Infact he should have wing attacks too


In my mind, he uses his wings for at least one standing kick, one crouching kick, cover himself during blocking, and flyng

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I see him flapping his huge wings in one big flap to make a large gust of wind to throw you back like when TJ Combo pounds the ground on last breath