Gargos Tech Thread


Well he has a hop. Jump and do medium punch immediatly for a quick overhead.

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Oh yeah I forgot about that lol

Do you ever accidentally get the instant air mp when trying to do his medium grab? I notice this happens to me a lot.

I am also having issues with crouching MK into light Psycho Crusher and crouching MP into light portal punch, even though I know I am pressing the correct buttons the medium versions are still coming out. With Spinal though, I can do crouch medium sword into light punch, or crouch medium kick into light shield charge.

I just started using a new controller so I am wondering if something may be wrong with it, it seems way to sensitive or something lol


I think it is a bug. Crouching medium kick into medium physcho crusher is the only thing happening for me.


Oh so you are experiencing this as well? Have you tried crouching medium into light portal punch? The same thing happens much of the time :confused:


Yep. It is almost as if it reads the medium button and transfers it to the special as well:anguished:

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Wheew, well at least now I know it’s not me or my controller I just pulled out of the box a day ago lol

But yeah the same thing here, it’s like the game registers the light specials as mediums if you try to do them after the crouching medium moves.

Has anyone posted this is the bugs section for devs to see? If it is a bug maybe they can get it fixed when they fix his portal punch hitbox issues


couldnt aganos with one or more chunks just clobber copter his way out?


This is called “negative edge” and is an intended effect. The release of a button always counts the same as pressing a button when doing special moves, so you’re trying to press cr.MK, then your release of MK is timed perfectly with the QCF motion of your psycho crusher.

If you feel the negative edge window is annoyingly big for this move compared to others, you should report it in the bug thread.

To fix this, you can try keeping cr.MK held down while you press LK for the psycho crusher (which might be annoying for you), or you can intentionally try to press and release cr.MK very quickly. This one is probably much easier and I’m sure with 3 or 4 minutes in training mode you’ll be used to it.

1 chunk + shadow pulverize should get Aganos out of the setup, yeah.


I get that exact problem, negative edge for some reason on those moves causing the wrong things to come out. I get medium kick qcf instead of light a lot when doing mediums into light qcf kick. I don’t do MP into portal punch as much but I do recall it happening where I’d get the medium instead. Guess I’ll have to do what Infil suggested and hold the buttons down to keep it from happening.

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Oh does that prevent it from happening? Ill try that to and see what happens.


The best thing to do to avoid getting qcf+mk on accident after a is inputting with downback mk and than go forward to qcf-lk.

Negative edge on gargos is generally pretty high on all his normals.

I would be so happy if they let me disable negative edge in Options in general.

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Have you guys noticed how much meter you get when you get Izzek’s special move blocked? It’s like a full bar, especially when you add in Dretches hit and your blocked portal punches. The meter building is insane, do most characters have ways to build meter that quick? I get meaty Izzek special on people when I’m zoning all the time so it feels pretty damn consistent in terms of how often I see it happen. Just blown away by how quick your meter shoots up during it, basically earns you a replacement Izzek as soon as he dies.

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Some tasty gargos tec for yall


Can’t do double devil’s divide combos anymore. Doing sadistic appetite ender just drops your opponent now like the regular command does


So can Gargos not summon a minion after the meter stealing command grab ender at the end of the round? I can’t seem to do it anymore. Guess we gotta either choose to get minion out or get some meter/steal some meter instead of getting them both.


Is that why I can’t follow up after it? I saw someone doing cr. MP wondering why I can’t replicate it.


He cant anymore. The way your opponent would fly put of your devils divide grab was a bug. Confirmed by keits himself


Not possible anymore after patch. Was apparently a bug


Hey folks!

Gargos is my main duderino on this game, so I’ve been in lab trying to find new stuff with him.

Here I leave you two safe jump setups with his j.MP. The key to this is to “hop” and hit mp, that way you’ll be able to cross them up.

I hope you guys can incorporate into your gameplay, if you aren’t already.


If you time it right you can beat most wake ups by input reversal.

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