Gargos Tech Thread

Kneel to your God!


Your not making the wait any easier! Lol! Awesome combos by the way!

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Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that a dev is advertising a character being OP and unbalanced. XD

Styles is not a dev.

Oh? I thought he was. XD

Nope. Why would a dev get early access?? XD it’s cool dude I thought @xSkeletalx was to xD

I thought they were all part of the team. Shows how much I know. XD

XD devs make the game. Why would they give themselves early access to something they already have access too?? :laughing: you’re a funny guy @anon39655210

I didn’t know it was early access, I just saw the title. :stuck_out_tongue:

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All of these look SO BRUTAL

Gargos is freaking sick. And @CStyles45 never fails to come up with absurdly cool combos.

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CStyles already breaking the character.

I’m going to be called a Pitiful Creature for a LONG time. Lol

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Broken? Please… At least 2 of those combos rely on the minion’s special move, which you have to wait a whole 8 seconds for - the minion will, more than likely, be long dead before then… Besides, those seem like over-complicated combos (although I’ll admit, they’re rather nice-looking), with meter, for a meager 30% damage or less, which IMO, isn’t worth it. Furthermore, the 3rd video needs both minions out - that’s going to be hard to do too. And finally, don’t you need meter to call upon the minions? That means you’d need 2 bars of meter for the 1st 2 combos and 3 for the last 1… Yep, definitely not worth it, IMO.


We will see. It’s too early to speak.

Hmm well I thought he was just showing us all in good fun. Whether or not it can be applied to a live match as " not worth it" is too early to speculate.

I disagree; I believe my analysis of the situation to be rather on point. :older_man:

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Interesting conclusion soon we shall find out if your hypothesis is indeed correct. :crystal_ball:

To be clear, I’m not saying he is or isn’t OP; I’m merely saying those combos aren’t what might make him OP. :wink:

Oh no your good. Lol. Just teasing. I don’t know if he’s OP or not. All I know is that I want to play him now.

Who doesn’t? I imagine we’ll be seeing an army of Gargos’ out in the wild soon enough. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I, for 1 however, will not be playing him - at least not at 1st. I’ll try him out in practice mode and take him through survival for a bit to adjust to what he can do and to experiment, but otherwise, I’m going to wait until all of his hubris dies down before I decide to really take a go at him. In the meantime, I’ll be content to show the wall to those who wish to showboat with him.

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Maybe the Gargos army will combat the Jago Army. :joy:

Yeah I won’t be jumping into rank anytime soon. Barely did with Arby. Sure I’m game :slight_smile: I just have to wait to buy Xbox live.