Gargos Tech Thread


S’pose they were ALRIGHT… lol



Never. Gargoa is too advanced to use :wink:


Your probably right :weary: the Jago Army can never be destroyed.

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Kim Wu army is on the rise

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Cool videos, @CStyles45


More OP stuff for everyone to see!

Dretch only mid-combo setup!


They’re not practical combos - they’re swaggy combos, meant to have fun and look cool. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I knew that when I watched them. I just find it ironic that that’s what he’s showing when the thread titles says that he’s OP. I kind of thought that the thread or videos would show that he’s, you know, OP or something. He’s basically being sarcastic with no real indication of sarcasm anywhere. I’m certain we all know how dangerous that can be…

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It seemed super obviously sarcastic to me. :confused:

Good stuff CStyles, seems like you’re enjoying the character.

I want to eventually see some fun minion setups that also include summoning him (so the timing for certain things is guaranteed). I’m pretty sure you get some nasty stuff in the corner with throw, minion call, meaty or throw (and the throw can be comboed because of stabby mcstabberson). Would be fun to help develop some of these setups when I get access to Gargos.


Bosses are supposed to be OP, so it’s certainly a good thing :wink:


As a boss, yes. As a playable character, absolutely not! XD

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Outside of the videos themselves (which are open to interpretation), there really isn’t anything else.


I have to agree with Infil. Styles was being cheeky and it was obvious.

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Apparently not to everyone, but I digress - such is the nature of sarcasm…


Made these two just for @Infilament

This character is soooooooooo fun!

One off a meaty and one off a throw.



Im sure a few pro players will have some EPIC tournament moments with this character.

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I LOVE how that thing stabs at all costs lol
This is going to be fun

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Too much SWAG


What strength is Dretch… I need to break that manuel… Lol


If I recall correctly, Minions count as projectiles, so they are unbreakable, arbys shield ignores them, and so…