Gargos Tech Thread


I know, just trolling the last one…




With him being released today officially, I went ahead and turned this thread into the subforums spot to discuss all things tech with Gargos.

Enjoy everyone!

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hey guys I already have a tech thread up for gargos it was up almost a month ago.


Something suggested to me by @FinchoMatic; with a stock of Shadow you can activate Instinct as your opponent commits to a (non-command grab) attack and use Shadow Devil’s Divide for a guaranteed ~20% punish, plus some potential damage. Good for closing out a round, as the Instinct armor will absorb the hit and allow you to land the command grab during their attack’s animation.

If you want to see it in action, I successfully performed this at least twice in the following video, though I don’t have a timestamp for you right now.

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Well since this is a tech thread now his portal punch hit boxes linger for a really long time, even after the fist has disappeared, so if you do sweep then light portal punch you can block before they get up but the punch hitbox will still be there. Also if they block it the move goes from being -11 to about +15 or more. This might be a bug though since the game says the punches are only supposed to be active for one frame.


It’s a bug


I think this character might actually be trollier than even Rash.


Look out, Harry, he doesn’t have a nose!


Use Dretch to catch someone jumping out of a Devil’s Divide reset.

Drop your opponent (with correct timing), Light DD. Follow with Heavy DD after the ground bounce. If they block, they’re boned. If they jump, they’re boned.


…and if they low poke?


The reset is +4, and it’s a 5 frame grab, so they still get grabbed.


An attack with invincible startup?


If you backdash or DP, you’ll win.

This might murder Aganos, though, since his backdash sucks, chunks won’t save him from grab, and he has no fully invincible move (so he either gets grabbed or gets hit by the minion). Fortunately, the grab does 0 damage, the minion doesn’t hurt much, and in order for him to do any damage to you, he has to give you a chance to break.

The real question is, if you backdash, can you avoid the minion? And even if you can’t, you’ll get hit grounded (and not bounced, since you didn’t jump) and Gargos will probably be in throw recovery and unable to convert into a combo? If Gargos gets a combo in this situation when we’re in real trouble but I don’t think he would.

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I’m kind of doubtful you can backdash it all that easily. Dretch seems to be pretty active on his little hop, so you’d need to be pretty spot-on with your timing. Made all the more difficult by the fact that he’s a somewhat random little bugger.


You can also do a move with Shadow Windkick invulnerability, if you have one. If Jago backdashes, he might get hit by the minion, but Gargos can’t get anything off of it. If you backdash, this could still happen, which is a huge callout:

I think if that happens to you, you should just quit.

I had trouble getting it set up against Aganos, because the width of his hurtbox makes the minion have pretty different timing.


So, finally got around to playing a bit with Gargos in the lab for a good hour or so. I realize I’m a bit late to the party, so I won’t list initial impressions that everyone’s already learned by now xD

One thing to note that I haven’t seen mentioned much is our anti air options with Gargos.

c.HP seems like a pretty good button. Extremely long reach, relatively good startup and good hitbox. From what I tested, AA’ing with c.HP > heavy portal punch seems like the best option as it will mostly always connect and grant you a combo. From here you can c.HP > heavy portal punch again, you can light portal punch to pull the opponent closer or you can go for heavy command grab, which can also be cancelled into from s.LK or s.MK up close. These are quite a few options, and if you manage to get a lock out you can net about 25% damage from an AA, which is really nice damage, IMO.

MP torpedo has upper body invulnerability on startup, so it should work nicely as a situational AA as well, and air command grab as an air to air option is probably good as well, as it has pretty good startup.

How good is s.HK at stopping consecutive crossup attempts? Is it reliable, or does it have to be done too early on to avoid being stuffed?

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HK it’s really good against cross ups. I haven’t tested, but maybe has upper body invulnerability. I found it really useful against Sadira and Shago

As “anti air”, don’t forget j.HK. Against any happy jump character who is a bit far from you, this is an air to air monster spacing tool. Maya, Cinder, Sadira and, in a lesser way, Rash, all of them hate this attack.

Also, if you face someone in a close air to air situation, j.MP its lighting fast, and j.HP has surprising good uses, and switches sides, so if you are in the corner and manage to land it against an airborne opponent, now he is cornered.

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What do you guys do when you are up close with the opponent on offense and your opponent is crouch blocking? I know I can throw or command grab but command grab always gets stuffed and he doesn’t seem to have a standing overhead. Throw works sometimes but obviously will start getting teched if used repeatedly in this situation. What should I do?