Gargos Tech Thread


Yep. Its a really strong tool to open people up.


Not if you do the shortcut that doesn’t matter what side the opponent is on.


Which is?


Down back-down forward-down back-down forward. This exploits the shortcut of down forward twice to do a dp. This allows you to Dp cross ups,

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hey CStyles, I main Shadow Yago and I once annihilated a stoneskinned Gargos in online exhibition and our instincts ended up stuffing each other. (it resolved via grab tech iirc) I’ve posted this on the Shadow Jago tech threads but I’d like to get a confirmation that this wasn’t a fluke or bug.


I’m glad I saw that. I’ve been maining Gargos for awhile, and have heard people complain about the jumping MP but didn’t know why. Now I do.

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Yeah it’s a good button, staying away from it.


im just gonna dump this here

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Staying away from it because it’s good? I’m confused, do you mean to stay away so as to prevent abuse?

I am trying to use it more often, tbh.

Also, that latest tech video, is that showing light reckoning phasing/whiffing on purpose allowing a crossup? Are they still in hitstun when you come out of the reckoning? If so that’s really strong. Not sure how long it will stay that way though.

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Exactly! :slight_smile:


Serious sets with gargos are up on my YouTube


Thanks @F3Sleep learning what works and what doesn’t in live matches.

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So glad i can be of some help :smile:

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Check out my serious sets thread

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Hey can we play a set on Sunday? I really want to play you. Need to work on my Gargos more.


Depends sadly there is a stupid line of ppl I have play with it’s kinda overwhelming but yea will see

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I see. Well I will try to play a set with you when the line is done. I can wait :smiley:


Thank you for understanding I kinda feel bad :frowning:

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Sweet offense from Gargos at Combo Breaker 2017 lol



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