Gargos is annoying to fight


Def of Insult:a disrespectful or scornfully abusive remark or action.
Well doesn’t that match what you are doing by saying you hope they will be history if they continue what they are doing. Hoping we won’t see KI in the near future. Totally not an insult. It would help if you explain how he is OP.

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I think you’re misunderstanding KI. Every character in this game seems OP and unbalanced but they’re not, KI’s standards of what is OP are much higher than other games and by those standards Gargos is nowhere near OP. He won’t get nerfed, if anything I’m hoping he’ll get buffed since without the bug he seems pretty average which is disappointing for the big bad boss of the game.


we will see :slight_smile:


So far the only cheap character that I feel has been released in this KI is boss shadow jago. Imo this game is pretty easy to pick up, I’ve introduced this game to my little bros and they can beat anyone that doesn’t know how to block.


Did I say you were a new FG player? Playing FG since 94, nice to know, but you should know by now that bosses aren’t easy to beat and clearly you haven’t. If you want to beat a boss, go beat Fulgore. On Kyle Difficulty, record it yourself. Or you could face Shago, ARIA, Gargos or even ■■■■■■■ Rico Suave, the champ himself.

Then come back to me if you think bosses are OP.


Stay on topic.


I don’t know what you mean. A balanced FG’s boss should not be OP. I think you mean offline? Shao Khan is OP yes but couldn’t be selected. If you mean online comp. area, look at M.Bison, or Shinnok or Ramlethal or nu-no 13… They are not OP. well-balanced bosses.


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I was in-topic. I gave my examples. And I said what I think about KI FGC and Rico. Still you can call me troll ^^


@FinchoMatic what recommendations do you have for Gargos wake up? You found anything?


Maybe I’m in the minority but I find Killer Instinct extremely straightforward. Execution is simple, and the KI combat system is intuitive and straightforward as well. What I find most compelling about KI is how they made a universal system that works, a system the whole cast has access to whether it be for offense or defense. It feels intuitive and makes the game flow quite well in my opinion.Now add simple execution, in a week you can learn a character quite well, because the game allows you to skip the red tape and hop straight into the action to learn matchups, whereas in oher games there is the execution that must be muscle memoried and tends to be alot more complex.

I think the real issue here with alot of people is lack of fighting game experience. KI does a good job of combining and creating fighter archetypes from different FG sub genres. If you have been playing FG’s for years, it means you have more exposure, and with more exposure you get to play different types of fighting mechanics and character archetypes. I think the main culprit is the anime twist. It seems that alot of people in the KI community have little exposure to anime fighting games, excluding mahvel of course.

So if all they know is MK or Street Fighter (these are the 2 that most compare to) then they will most certainly have their brains melt when they are introduced to super jumping, air dashing, instant air dashing, character assists, burst, “untraditional” no foosties archetypes, micro managing resources, alternate meters and resources, etc. Theres alot more anime missing from KI so it’s not really an anime game IMO.

There aren’t bursts, there isn’t air blocking, no roman cancels, no instant block, no barrier block, guard crush etc…When I describe KI to my friends in attempts to get them to play, I tell them it’s a hybrid frankenstein, a twist on the fundamental and the untraditional, the best of both worlds so to speak.


Gargos’ only wake up is a fierce Reckoning, which is beyond punishable as long as you block high. Gargos is incredibly weak on wake up.

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Looks I need to work on keeping folks away lol.


Gargos doesn’t have a good wakeup attack, just the fierce drop. The fierce drop is only good to use once in a matchup, one of those “I’m going out with a bang” moments. Way too punishable but surely invincible on startup. Can be viable as an escape with full instinct if they decide to block instead of dashing or moving to whiff punish you.

Sometimes it’s difficult to hang on to shadow meter or even build it, but thats what I focus on the most, and I always blow it on the minions. even if you can’t find an opening for a setup they can also serve as cannon fodder. For me the minions act mostly as defense and sometimes for offense and setups.


Even then, you dash forward/back to punish the whiff so they can’t cancel on block.


So… You wasted your time playing the Gargos players, then wasted more of your time complaining about it here, then wasted some of our time arguing about something you’ve been told is not true, and then the one time it actually would have been valuable to “waste” your time, you decide not to give us an actual explanation behind calling him OP. :confused:


This. So much this xD

On topic, how bad/good is gargo’s backdash? Haven’t tested it, yet. Also, medium torpedo has upper body invulnerability, right? And is it throw invulnerable as well, or not really? It should, in any case, avoid certain meaties, if their hitbox hits above waist only.


Backdash is decent.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. If you meaty mid, there’s no reason why he should ever wake up with anything. He is bad on wake up.

Gargos appeared in the beatdown top 16 3 times last night. You should, uhh, probably watch those matches for some ideas on how to beat Gargos.

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Edit got it thanks!