Gargos is annoying to fight


180+ replies off of an OP that stated:

Mind = blown

At any rate - as Hisako I don’t mind Gargos at all. She’s really effective in a range that Gargos is really not effective. Minions can be perturbing with a runaway Gargos though - but there’s just as many runaway Shagos and Glacii (is this the proper plural for Glacius?) to deal with so it’s not unique to Gargos.


But I rushdown Gargos:( I don’t zone with him,


As Arbiter Gargos gives me a hard time. Wulf lol not a problem. Mirror match Gargos sigh…I’m horrible lol.


Yeah I totally don’t mind that playstyle out of Gargos. He’s good at point blank range - Sako’s job is to keep him out with pokes/ORZ and contest him when he gets in with her toolset. J+HP shines in this MU - it’s a great “stop flying” button.

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I’m around today if you are for that Gargos/Sako MU :thumbsup:


Sure. I am up. In fact,I am up for now. I am probably going to lose though.


Vods are subs only on Twitch, anywhere else I can watch?


Check out the 8 bit beatdown site it should point you in the direction of the archives.


Great post, and, for someone like me who sucks at this game, very informative, thank you :blush:

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I’m sorry but I have to jump in here…

Jago is not enough? That statement alone pretty much cements that you don’t have enough of an understanding of this game to make accurate statements on who is and isn’t strong/weak/bad/whatever.

Jago is one of the absolute strongest characters in this game , so much so that he’s TERRIFYING in capable hands. He’s not ‘fancy’ mind you, with weird setups and crazy tech, but hes as safe or as yolo as you feel like playing him, has a tool for about everything on top of some of the absolute most beast-mode damage in the game, can convert throws into 10+% self healing on top of 20+% damage, etc etc. Oh and he’s straight forward to play. Easy ■■■ manuals, you can cash out meter for.huge damage on small break chance combos… good normals, great walk speed, one of the better neutral games around, decent-if-not-special jump…

I mean , PREFERRING to play someone else is one thing (I love Jago but I main Kim for instance ) but saying he’s not enough is just wrong.

Jago’s only weakness is he wont win a game for you. Characters like shago and a Fulgore who understands a handful of.his setups and a few others can auto-win against lower skilled/experienced players due to ‘gimmicks’ that require specific MU knowledge to beat.


I didn’t mean Jago is a weak fighter. I mean FOR ME Jago is not enough. Of course If I play with Jago 500 hours more, I will be better, maybe too hard to defeated but I didn’t mean that. Everybody knows Jago match up. Easly breakble chains, predictable openers, some good but unsafe moves… I prefer to buy a char that is good at air games. Maybe Mira can solve my problem but her mind games can be hard too. I know I can use Spinal very good but not sure to buy it. damn :confused:


Sadira has a great air game.


The key to beating gargos is spacing I believe. In my opinion, he’s only good from two ranges, point blank, or further than midscreen. What are his weaknesses? Bad defense (hence why he has a full armored instinct and minion assists and superior air mobility) and very unsafe specials. He also has a huge hurtbox and is succeptible to crossups and stuff that normally wouldn’t hit, hitting him. His ranged game is only good with minions and doesn’t really do significant damage. Minions which he needs to even compete in any matchup require resources (hence why he can steal some of your meter).
He is in no way OD. Like the other "gimmicky pete’s, he has very obvious powerful tools, but at the same time very obvious weaknesses. That certainly doesn’t sound like an OD char. As long as you don’t allow gargos to set up shop with minions, he’s free.


Isn’t that kind of obvious?


My biggest gripe with Gargos is that with two minions out he devolves to a braindead character.

Other than that he is pretty hard to play cause you need to have a good defense in terms of blocking.


It may just be because it’s late and I’m tired, but could you explain a bit better what you mean by “braindead”?


I mean i dont have to think about what i do next. When someone is sandwiched by minions i can do what i want.

Yesterday i played Skryba and as soon as he got sandwiched i stopped thinking and left him handling crossup fly into command grab, heavy reckoning, light reckoning and portal punches. I did not watched what he was doing - i just did stuff.

Before i got them out i needed to block a lot, anti air, use his godlike as a spacing tool. Mix up after blocked light reckoning and so on.

So as you notice i mainly play Gargos. And of course all this is my opinion.

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Ehh I think that’s more of just no one yet knowing what to do when they get sandwiched. And most will probably never learn what to do if the majority of Gargos’ don’t start using them instead of spamming portal punches all match.


Ah, I see. I’ve been playing a lot of Gargos myself, and while I agree with both minions out you can do some normally unsafe stuff, a lot of matches I’ve played if I didn’t time moves right they were quickly dispatched and my ■■■-whoopin’ proceded.


While I do agree that once two minions are out you can just go crazy and do whatever, I feel it’s justified seeing as how it costs you 100% shadow meter and you need to set it up, you can’t just summon in neutral and expect it to work.

I think you’re playing gargos with exactly the right gameplan, you basically have to zone and space using the amazing tools he has for this until you get meter to dispatch 1 or 2 minions and start working on proper offense.

Also, yeah, his c.MP is crazy good. What a button, it puts mostly all of his other normals to shame, IMO. Crazy good reach, great startup, +1 on block, it’s got everything, really.

I think the effort it takes to defend properly and create a game plan that’s effective in the neutral, makes it fair for the gargos player to get the payoff of going braindead once he can make it work and get out the 2 minions, IMO.

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