Gargos is annoying to fight


Keep in mind that this is all matchup dependant. Vs a good Arbiter minions are basically useless as example. Jago can handle the minions pretty good as well.

Its not that i hate him for having this tool but this situation does not look good for a spectator that dont know you have to spend the whole meter to get them out.

I will never say Gargos is a easy or OP character cause people still learn how to fight him and tbh not many Gargos players use all of his tools, mobility, normals and stuff. I have so met so many Gargos players that just use Portal punches even vs Gargos and dont block after them.

The portal punch bug atm is pretty annoying - just yesterday i watched flash stream where he lost to someone using that bug as a last way to do something.

Stuff like these bugs need to get fixing asap not until the next character release.


[quote=“LycanNaryko, post:203, topic:10812”]
I have so met so many Gargos players that just use Portal punches even vs Gargos and dont block after them.
[/quote] Yeah I’ve met a few as well. Honestly as Gargos I forget he has the portal punches half the time, as odd as that sounds.


This. So much this. It had better be fixed by the time I go to CEO.


You get the same freeze as a Shadow move, even a casual spectator (unless they are absolutely brand-smacking new to the game) should be able to tell that it costs meter.

Yea, that should definitely be a hotfix. It does take time to fix and test said fix so its not really delayed if that’s the plan, two weeks seems like an appropriate amount of time. I could be wrong, I dunno their protocol.


It almost certainly won’t be.

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Yeah, I figure, which is why I hope he’ll be banned from tournament play until he’s fixed.


What is the puddle punch bug?


Wait there’s a bug with puddle punch now?


I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause confusion. So I will rephrase it. What bug does Gargos have? To ban him?


Whenever he performs a portal punch, the hitbox lingers longer than it’s supposed to. So, after the actual punch visually disappears, it can still hit you, because the hitbox is still there for a few brief frames. This makes avoiding it harder, and causes more block-stun on block then it should, which gives Gargos more time to input his next attack, and the defender less time to do what they want to do. He can effectively keep you pinned down with this bug. There are ways out of it, I’m sure, but it’s far more difficult then it was originally meant to be.

If you’d like to see this bug for yourself, go into practice mode with Gargos as the opponent. Turn on hitboxes, and then record and perform any single portal punch. Use the playback feature and watch as he does it as fast as possible. You’ll not only see the lingering hitbox that’s not supposed to be there, but you can also try different ways to avoid it (such as blocking, dashing, jumping, etc.) and find that you really can’t.

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I’m fairly certain the bug is only with the light version, or at least that’s the only one I’ve heard of the issue with specifically. I could be wrong though, maybe it’s all of them


[quote=“xSkeletalx, post:213, topic:10812”]
I could be wrong though, maybe it’s all of them
[/quote]It is all of them.


Thanks I’ve been labbing with Gargos as a potential main. I will turn on the hit boxes to get a better understanding.


I was considering making him a pocket character since he’s so much fun to play as, but I don’t want to do that for as long as he remains unfair, out of respect for my opponent(s).

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Arby is my #1 lol but I admit I am having fun with Gargos. I have not taken him in rank only a sparing partner for my shadow. Hearing this bug though, it might stay this way until fixed.


I’m not sure who is saying this is a ban worthy bug, but it really isn’t. Much, much, much stronger and more disruptive things have been allowed from new characters in KI tournament play over the last 2 years.


You’re not helping. I did say there were ways around it, but by and large, it still limits your options to the point of being annoyingly unfair. and if it’s unfair, it shouldn’t be allowed in tournament play - period.

Here’s an example: If I try to jump out of a portal punch and get knocked back down because of the lingering hitbox, when I otherwise should’ve been able to jump out of it sans lingering hitbox, that can (rather easily) change the results of a tournament and not necessairly for the better. It becomes less about who was outplayed and more of who was willing to take advantage of a broken exploit. That’s not skill. That’s cheating.




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Using a bug to get an advantage when it shouldn’t even be there? Yes, that’s a form of cheating. There may not be much that can be done in casual play until it gets fixed, but in a controlled environment, like in a tournament, something can be done about it. What you’re basically telling me is that if you were in charge of said tournament, you’d be CHOOSING to do nothing about it and let it happen. That, to me, is wrong.


Using a bug to get an advantage when it shouldn’t even be there? That’s competitive gaming.

Some of people’s favorite game features started their lives as bugs. I’m not saying this is one of them, but lingering hitboxes is far, far from being ban worthy. Really far.

You can say ‘you aren’t helping’ all you want, but I don’t believe anyone should consider banning any character for something this small.

We haven’t even seen any evidence in tournament yet that Gargos can even win.

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