Gargos is annoying to fight


And that’s why I give SF the slight edge gameplay wise. KI, while diverse, is also a little bit too complicated. Too many meters, too many really annoying characters to play against that require alot more skill to beat than to play as (cause the matchup requires so much time to learn due to gimmicky moves). KI is my favorite fighter ever, but there is a limit to how successful it can be. The next KI needs to simplify things, IMO.

*When I say “gimmicky”, I’m referring to special moves (and even some normals eg “Pizza Cutter”) that don’t have OBVIOUS punishes on whiff and/or block. KI has alot of them, although some have been addressed months after character release when many players have moved on from the game. This rewards the mindlessly aggressive player over the more traditional fg player when people FIRST START to play. That is a BAD first impression and very frustrating. I know 3 or 4 longtime fg player buddies of mine that didn’t get into KI because they didn’t want to research how to punish seemingly spammable moves on YouTube etc.


Too many meters?

KI has 3: life, shadow, and instinct.

Street Fighter V has 4: life, guard, critical art, and V-trigger.

Aside from that would be the combos…but they only pop up when you’re performing a combo, and it could be argued that KI’s combos are more straight-forward because they lay out very clearly how to perform them and how many hits you can pull off before it ends.


Doesn’t Arbiter have 4 meters? Not to mention that there are meters that mean different thing for one character over the other. Doesn’t Omen have 3 instinct bars? Then there is all of the potential damage and life meter gain or loss etc (Jago/Mira). I’m sorry, I disagree with you. And I’m talking to people that have quit the game and this is their feedback. I tend to agree with them, but I broke the barrier and there’s a magnificent game behind it. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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Well, even still…I was referring to the base character meters. But even with the special character meters it just brings KI’s up to SFV’s 4 meters. Plus it’s not like SFV doesn’t have variances on these as well. Some characters have much larger V-trigger meters than others. The real difference between KI & SFV there is that the asthetics of the V meter are universal where in KI they are tailored to each character…again, to more clearly let the player understand the differences in the characters.
And as far as Omen goes…yeah he has 3 sections to his shadow, but he doesn’t have a 4th meter.

I’m not trying to shoot the messenger here, BTW…just voicing my opinions for the whole forum to see.


And Ibuki has a 5th meter.


He’s a boss. And yet people complain about Shago, who is also a boss.

Why can’t players just understand that bosses are meant to be annoying and OP?

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Arbiter has 3. Instinct meter and two Shadow bars. The Carbine ammo doesn’t really count as it’s an attack.

Omen has 3 SHADOW bars. Instinct meter is at the top left of P1 character status in a match e.g. next to the picture of the character being played, life bar etc.


Because bosses are playable in Ranked. According to YOUR own description, there’s a balancing problem.


Oh my God…


There is nothing overpowered. If pizza cutter is a problem with your “long time fg players”,something doesn’t seem right. Shouldn’t they know how to anti air since the are long time fg players?

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KI has some oppressive offense, and it is a pretty “active” game. At times it can be frustrating and annoying. Other times it can be extremely interesting.

But I wouldn’t want it to be simpler or more basic. I want KI to exist so I can take advantage of all the good things it does. If I’m feeling like playing a more basic game, I’ll play SF that day, rather than wish KI was something else.

If people think KI is too complicated for them and they want to play a different game, then that’s fine. Lots of beginners enjoy KI for what it is, even if they don’t understand what’s happening all the time. KI may be active and its character designs have a lot going on, but at its core you can play an enjoyable, basic game by just learning one special move and mashing buttons during the combos. Similarly, lots of beginners don’t enjoy SFV because it’s “too simple” for them, even if they aren’t good players and aren’t investigating the depth that does exist in the game.

Basically, it’s not correct to say KI is too complicated for all beginners. Some people will like it anyway.


Jago’s Pizza cutter did not get nerfed. Shagos was nerfed because of the trade power and frame advantage. Not because of the punish.


This describes me, basically. Killer Instinct is the first fighting game I’ve bothered to put any significant amount of time into, and the only one I’ve even bothered to take online.
To say it’s too complicated for someone who’s just a beginner when it’s the only FG I’m any good at…
I dunno, maybe I’m just weird. :stuck_out_tongue:


Character pizza cutters, some are fixed, some are broken.

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He can be tough to fight especially when you he keeps his distance and you are forced to chase him. Even then I end up winning because most people I come across dont do much damage. You would think a million puches to the face would do a gazillion damage but nope. Its crap damage and I am happy for that.


says right. Everybody knows that old KOF’s bosses were OP but you couldn’t play with them in a tourney (they weren’t online yet).
In a nutshell, I faced many Gargos in these week. I beat many of them, others beat me. I know Gargos negatives but I talk in general. My opponents had no fundemantels but still they could be waste of time. They CAN play this game with Gargos easly. In SFV you can’t do that. If any newbie says that, add me, face me. You should not play a FG easly with a specific char but in KI you can do these. You will see producers will nerf Gargos.
I paid this game and I can easly say my ideas. My ideas are if KI producers decide to create unbalanced/OP whatever char again and again, I hope you will be THE STAR, I hope we WILL see Many KI in near future and I hope you DO NOT NEED TO find another job, I’m sure you have a family too, think about them. We are not a new FG players, I play FGs since 94 and I know what you are trying to do and I can easly say you will be just an old page in Wikipedia. After that don’t you dare to write “it was not our fault.” 100% it’s your fault.

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Explain how Gargos is OP? Explain. Show us the matches. You can say your ideas. However you cannot violate the guidelines you agreed to when signing up. This includes insults. Show us the matches. Please. If you lose to the Gargos players who don’t know fundamentals,you deserved it. The only thing broken is the extended hitboxes on the portal punches which is a bug. If Gargos is so easy to play and win,try to beat me with him then. Should be easy right?


insults? what the hell are you talking about? what about lying? slander?
I don’t care about there are some bugs or not. bug is not an excuse.
And I wasted my enough time to play Gargos players and now I can’t explain why Gargos UB. (Cos when I would do you can easly say " not for me".) All you miss a point: If a char has some negatives or punisable moves, it can’t be called OP or UB. Not true.
And I say it’s easy to play and I can beat you easly after spending some time but I told on here that I WON’T BUY Gargos. never.


“I hope you will be history.” Umm not an insult? At least explain how he is OP? You already gave them enough money by buying the characters one at a time. Care to explain how he is OP?

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