Gargos is annoying to fight


So - am I the only one that feels totally pathetic when they try to play Gargos?

Dude just isn’t clicking with me. And it makes me sad. Because he’s so freaking cool.

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I’m glad you seem to have found your solutions. :slight_smile:

And that’s why I specifically mentioned “unless it hits grounded” in my above post, and took special care to refer to “anti-air” shadow portal punches elsewhere. :wink:


I get pathetically destroyed against Gargos…He just has my number right now


See - I don’t mind fighting him at all - but when I attempt to play as Gargos, I really feel like I’m trying to do parkour in 7 layers of thick winter jackets or something.

I know it’s totally me, just wondering if anyone else is having trouble harnessing the power of the demon god.

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Hmm, must’ve missed that part. Oh well, I digress…[quote=“Marbledecker, post:266, topic:10812”]
I know it’s totally me, just wondering if anyone else is having trouble harnessing the power of the demon god.

Right here with ya, buddy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im ok with him…but not as good as the guys that are portal punching me to death! the only advantage I seem to understand against Gargos is when he goes instinct I know to HP or HK the crap out of him!!! that works great!

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slowly raises hand I’ve been labing him pretty much every day since he came out. Although I’m still learning with him gameplay wise…as for the game itself overall things are starting to click. Pretty cool trade :slight_smile:

I’d like to get to @Sasuke99I level eventually. His Arby too!


Sasuke’s no joke. That kid is on fire. :thumbsup:


You think he’ll be the next @STORM179, pro-star and all? Those 2 players, along with @WebNRaGnArOk, have always been the guys among my friends that I ALWAYS have trouble beating. It’s like they’re naturally talented or something! IMO, they’re my version of the 3 Amigos… :slight_smile:

…whereas @ZDhome, @TheNinjaOstrich, and I are kind of like the 3 Stooges… :unamused:


How do you break Gargos portalpunches? Or rather, what do you look for?

Do you look at you getting hit?
Do you look at Gargos arms?(to me this seems easier than above).
Do you try to feel the tempo of the autos and go by that?
Or do you automatically break low immediately after a PP hits from below?


Nope. Probably not. My Gargos isn’t great enough for that yet. My Fulgore is very rusty but he is my main shot of it if I can unrust him. Might continue. Edit:Am I unintentially dethrailing this? Back to Gargos. @Nightswipe0 I usually look at their position.


I’d look at the distance you are from Gargos, if it’s far away, then he’s likely going to either hit you with the portal punches or get in with his spinning attack (I suddenly forgot the name, but I know it starts with an E). I find that blocking the portal punches and then quickly moving in with a fast, far-reaching, and preferably invulnerable attack works best. One cool thing that I’ve learned is that his portal punches are considered projectiles for the purpose of projectile-invlunerable moves, so you can use that to your advantage.

When he does them in a combo, I find that if the portal punch appears angled up near the front of your legs, that’s a light AD; if it appears angled down towards the front of your face, that’s a heavy AD; if it appears directly in front of your face/chest, that’s a medium AD; if it appears directly above your head, that’s a linker. :wink:

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Oh snap, that’s something to go by as well!?
I have to check out his autos in practice to get a grip on those.


Those are all great players in that post :heart:


Me? and ZD? :sob:

I guess…


Well, I would’ve included @RGLOfficial, but there aren’t 4 Stooges, so I had to make a decision…

…wait a second - there ARE 4 Stooges (just not all together at once)!

Oh, and it’s nothing personal - it’s just that I can consistently beat you guys; as for the 3 Amgos, not so much. Who knows? That may change in the future (and personally, I hope it does).


Challenge accepted.


I look at where the punches are coming from. I generally don’t bother with lights, and only look for mediums if I see he’s doing them a lot. Punches that are coming from up high are the heavies, and the ones that are straight left/right are the mediums. I tend to just pick one to look for, and then break it when I see it.

Well, there are actually 5, if you want to get get technical… :smirk:


Inb4 Curly Howard costume for Gargos


Ok I can see why people hate him now. Minions and portal punches. It is the minions. They are annoying as hell. Main thing is visibility. It is very hard to break his portal punches when minions are covering your view.

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