Game characters you just simply want to do something to them

What game characters that you find to be SO dumb and stupid (including their physical features/appearances as well as personalities) that you just simply want to do something to them?

The Crazy Frog is one such game character that I find to be SO dumb and stupid that I just simply want to do something to him and believe me, there are MANY things that I want to do to him. Also EVERYTHING about the Crazy Frog just screams absolute, total dumbness and stupidity from his physical appearance down to his personality. So anyway now among the many things that I want to do onto him include:
Stomping on him flat.
Kicking him into the air.
Bludgeoning him.
Dousing him with gasoline and setting him on fire.
Using a flamethrower to burn him to a blacken, crispy pulp.
Feeding him to ANY wild animals.
Using him as a live chew toy for the dogs.
Throwing him off an airplane or ANY tall structures (including bridges and skyscrapers).
Throwing him into ANY deep canyons or waters filled with predatory creatures.
Strapping him with ANY explosives.
Running him over and squishing him flat with ANY types of vehicles (including armored vehicles as well as a bulldozer, tank, and steamroller).
Have ANY heavy objects (including trees) fall on him.
Putting him in a small box, crate, or chest and burying him alive.
Using a hydraulic presser to completely crush him.
Shocking/electrocuting him (including using him as a lightning rod).
Using a hammer to beat him with it.
Stranding him in ANY desolate area/location completely devoid of life such as a deserted island, for example. Or even stranding him on a desolate planet or an alternate dimension where they are, again, completely devoid of life.

And the list goes on from there.

Honorable mention:
Lucky Chloe

Really? Seriously? What the hell were you thinking of? What the hell were you thinking about? What the hell was going on through your mind there? What the hell was going on in that head of yours, Harada? :expressionless: :unamused: :neutral_face: :grimacing: :angry:

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Crazy Frog is a bit annoying yes.

But I actually like Lucky Chloe… :sweat_smile:

Her personality is a bit girly and “cute”, and I kinda don’t like that, but she does have an interesting fighting style. She seems fun to play too.

ARIA, take her out, get to know her, you know the usual. Understand the world. All that good stuff. Maybe I can get to become a cyborg.

As for getting rid of…oh man…where do I begin?

I would like to do some things to Urien in SFV…

Oh bby… <3

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…Did you not make a near-identical topic less than a day ago? Most annoying and irritating game characters

Yeah, she’s silly but this is Tekken we’re talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Careful, you’re drooling all over the screen!

I’m guessing that’s your favorite costume too. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean how it’s supposed to be serious, dark, ominous, etc.


KI is serious, dark and etc until Rash join KI party.

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Touché :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ki is dark. It’s got it’s humor moments though. Which is good for it.


Actually, I prefer his main suit.

He’s just so freaking stylish. <3


I do too. I like how they took that approach. Like he’s Badass, and he knows it! I guess by SF3, he just decides clothes are for weaklings? Lol.

I’m taking some of Urien’s fashion sense though. I might wear stuff like that more often, lol


Did you play him? Is he good?
I don’t have ps4 console, but he look amazing!

I think you should better check and play this:

You won’t regret it. It’ll make you feel happy the more you beat up that Annoying Thing, I swear.

Of course. :innocent:


I understand.

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