Fulgore instinct rant


Buffing Fulgore’s dp now…Kappa


Lol @TheKeits even showed up to this party.

@SullenMosquito Yeah I’ve been putting it to use out there, and now that instinct leaves his reactor spin the same It just became more beneficial because we just got more utilities out of his instinct beyond the screen freeze and free mobility.

We get to max spin in 4 attacks, good set ups can make it happen and I need to train harder to get them down to an art. I just got more interested in the fugbot all over again lol


the shadow pips did not get spent either. the pips stayed exactly as they were before…at 5 pips I believe.


And I disagree with you they did take it to far to the right and this forum is a direct reason why they keep f**king with him after 3 yrs


Full pips, heavy beam with fireball and a hype beam. What do you get…lololol


These are good changes brobot :robot: I’m gonna be developing instinct tech for the first time in Fulgore’s career! He has an instinct!


Kind of already been answered as to the “why”, but as for “what”, you’ll notice that whatever the interaction, no pips were spent in your avoidance of that shadow command grab. You don’t get to pip cancel teleport recovery.


Man I hope so I’m just so sick of the bot getting changed


His instinct got changed yes… But most of the time all it was was a frame stop for a punish. It built meter whoopdy damn doody. Now I can do stuff with it. I know how to build meter with him, I don’t need instinct for that. This is prob the most excited I’ve been for a Fulgore change ever. No one will be able to out zone him for those few seconds. It also makes his neutral pressure insane. Just gotta remember all the pip cancel stuff and think, too infinity and beyond!!!


Yeah man I can’t wait to get in the lab and check him out I’m updating now


see and that’s cheap ■■■ gameplay. oh fireball setups into a teleport cancel look what you can do. it’s more satisfying going for the raw rush down IMO. but whatever it takes to win, right?


Oh certainly - why use any tools the character is designed to have?

In that case why use anything but normals? Specials aren’t normal, they’re special.


it certainly isn’t special. those set ups are the first thing people learn with fulgore. that’s the most basic boring crap that people do when they suck.


“4 way mixups are for loozers im special i dont use them”


It’s part of the game! It’s in there so I’m going to use it. It’s not about if you suck or not. It’s about using your fighter with what he’s got



Ok, quick question about the spin…so if I’m understanding this right if I pop instinct at say 25% spin it’ll stay locked there, and if I pop it at say 100% spin it’ll stay at 100 for the instinct duration?

Also, if I pop it at a low spin it won’t decrease, but it’ll increase if I do moves that increase spin?

Is this right?

…oh, also can he still do the manual upspin in instinct?


The spin continues to work normally, just like when it does outside of instinct. The only thing that instinct now does is allow you to pip cancel freely without spending your pips for its full duration.


Fulgore’s instinct was pretty fun for me today. Happy to report that I was able to mix up fireballs off st.FP canceled into lazers into combo with teleport to drop combo, nail them with more fireballs from a distance and then go back in with reactor spin NOS set up. Working out well, but I need more seat time and my own arcade stick. Used a friends today and his has been battered lol so it was rough syncing with fulgore today. Think I’ll break out the maguire wax and clean him up with lab time tomorrow and try to recreate what I did


If that is true, it should be the first thing you learn to deal with against Fulgore.
Also you’re starting to sound a lot like LTG, which means its time to leave this thread.