Fulgore instinct rant


Pretty sure @STORM179 The gap was there but your opponent missed it so you teleported out of the way. Also that is Season 2 footage.

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I’m thinking the same thing, Fulgore finally has “instinct”! I feel that Fulgore in instinct now will be intimidating with all the free cancels. But I still have to see what Fulgore players come up with =)

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didnt he pop instinct to give hime frame 0 into shadow command grab. also my teleport was med tele into shadow teleport. is that right or does it contradict what storm said?


Thunder’s shadow command grab is not zero frames. You teleported out while it was starting up.


You cannot Pip cancel the recovery of a teleport. Never could. That 9 frames is always there. He can just cover himself with projectile cover or space it so it is relatively safe.


Thunders grab grabs the first frame after the shadow stop. If anything is done prior or already in startup, it has potentialto work dependant on how much it already has started. Shadow teleport is invincible on frame 0 of active much like his grab grabs on frame 0-1. So if they are both done at the same time, the grab misses.

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ah. so thunders sh grab must be slower than fulgores 9 frame recovery from teleport as mosquito described above. thanks. to my knowledge teleport recovery hasnt beed modified for ages.


now im confused again, if teleport has a 9 frame recovery how in the world did i beat out his instinct pop into shadow grab? you mean the throw is active 0-1 frame after the shadow VFX?


No it stays the same speed. Read the notes and calm down.


In the end, (after reading the first post and skimming through the remaining), if Fulgore starts falling by the wayside and becomes the butt of jokes across the KI community, IG will buff something.

Don’t believe me… look at Sadira.

S3 has been a difficult season for Sadira mains, as the global damage nerfs hit her hardest. Her general lack of damage potential sent her right the to gutter. IG noticed this and they heard our cries and buffed her in unexpected ways. It would have been easy for them to just give her a damage increase, but instead they found a creative way to make her even more annoying.

She is still not an easy character to master (I’m still working on it), but she does feel a lot better than she was several months ago.

You can expect the same love and care for Fulgore.

I will tell you what I’ve told my fellow Sadira mains. Try him out, see how things play out. Give him a few weeks. Then decide if the change is good or bad.


ya we figured that when the notes released 14 hours ago. thanks for you insightfulness


lol. wheres the fun in that? jumping to conclusions is the american way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Which is really not a good reason to do it.


You’re welcome, just making sure you get your panic in check when you make misinformed statements.


You’re definitely not the only one, as soon as I read it i laughed like a maniac. I’m about to get home and hit the lab for a good hour or so and see what the deal is. With how fast I can gain meter and now this new instint fulgore gonna have the potential to cause another community fall out rofl


Glad you brought this to our attention.

Now to address the main post
@ShellShock520 , lemme let you in on a little secret…

Fulgore is equipped with the best moveset in the dang game. There is a reason why people say “He’s the best on paper” Hypothetically, Fulgore should win every match ever. But through use of mind games and experience, people learn to play against him.
Okay, now what I’m about to say is totally a lot easier said than done.
If you are constantly getting SC’d, you need to outplay your opponent. There are times to talk about characters being weak or overpowered here on the forums, but this… isn’t one of those times.

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Rewatch your video very closely. Thunder pops instinct, then activates shadow grab late, not immediately. Your other teleport was already started so he had waited more than 10+ frames at least.


Glad you’re putting that spin tech to good use brobot :robot: This is why I love helping the community understand him. He is a monster in the right hands regardless of what they change. As long as he has the pip system, he will always be a godbot.


Hypothetically Fulgore can win every match on paper due to pip cancel reversals and perfect spacing on mixups for safe approach. It isn’t about baiting Fulgore to play against him. It is typical human error and reaction time. No one is physically capable of playing a perfect Fulgore. That’s also what makes him so much fun!


If only this character had like, a 3 frame, 3 hit, meterless invulnerable DP to remove chunks or protect himself with.

Man, that’ll be the day.