Fulgore instinct rant


I am as well :smiley:

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I already said all that about 3 posts in. tell me mr. Storm. why should I gamble my meter spin and all my present and future pips on a hope that u may or may not shadow counter. regardless if he can blow through them. cause that’s really a moot point.


If he can blow through them which he can, shadow counters won’t stop Fulgore at all. You are not gambling your meter for a risk that your opponent may or may not shadow counter. You are gambling your reactor speed with nearly unstoppable offense. That’s powerful.


Once Instinct pops now, I get some of the dirtiest left right left high low right left low mixups in the game in that order that fast :slight_smile:, I’ll set you up to give me meter. It’s the kind of change that gives a momentum character the short power swing they need to regrab control of the match. The best Fulgore’s didn’t need instinct for meter. Hell most of the time I kept it for the screen freeze… That’s about all the utility you got from it. Now, I feel like I have to develop new tech for instinct control. I have soo many options opened up for me now. It can even lockdown some matchups for the duration if played right. Oh man… Think of the unbreakable damage you can do!! Oh my mind is racing I’m gonna have a hay day with this!!


just because you or I can’t deal with the pressure strings Dosent mean its unstoppable. man, ya know what? I’m just gonna chill. I said what I came here to say. thanks for discussing this with me


Triple fireball teleport teleport again high low into teleport into more mix ups. Op. Triple fireballs, teleports, high low, grab, OP


It’s unstoppable. Meterless pip cancels are very powerful. Way more powerful than just maximum reactor speed.


I see people complaining but why I think this instinct helps fulgore when he is winning or losing. In my opinion when I’m winning I probably already have max spin speed so instinct does nothing for me. This is good because for the most part you will end up in the same spot as his old one if you are actually winning instead of free meter no matter what, which was pretty unfair and allowed fulgore mains to not care when they pop instinct. I actually think this is going to be more fun than his old one.


Wow, this was a fun read…

Infinite anything is pretty scary. I hope they tested the hell out of this change because I have a feeling some guys are going to figure out some crazy stuff to do with INFINITE pip cancels. They may have tried to kill a monster and created a worse monster…

As far as Shadow countering, there are TONS of things that are Shadow counterable in this game that are not routinely countered, for a variety of reasons. As always, it’s hard to think of anything more fundamental to fighting games than trying to make sure your opponent doesn’t know exactly what you are going to do next.

Honestly, Fulgore is a beast. I’m now trying to figure out what I’m going to do with Glacius to deal with infinite pip cancels and teleports.


I see people mentioning teleports along side pips…what do they have to do with one another? Since when does a tele need a pip?


Pip cancel fireballs into teleport. Think of throwing a fireball and almost instantly appear behind/in front of the opponent or even away.


No special connection - but it’s a tool Fulgore has. He doesn’t need a pip to teleport but he can teleport into pip cancel specials. He ALREADY has an impressive mixup game with just teleport - cancel into fireball - cancel into DP or another teleport. Now this can be done for twelve seconds without any sort of resource management implications. EDIT: add a throw in there to dissuade good turtlers :turtle:

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OK…so pip canceling out of the Tele into a new move. You dont have to wait for the recovery f the teleport. Thats the magic behind the teleport in all this?

OK, sounds pretty dangerous. So what are you supposed to do when a Fulgore does nothing but the fireball, tele mix up combos all match? How to you stop that? Crouching LP?


You don’t. That is what makes it powerful.


It cost meter to keep up the pressure with constant pip canceling but with the new instinct for that amount of time it won’t cost anything


Because it’s not like you’ll never ever earn another pip somehow without having to fall back on max spin in instinct? Because you aren’t gambling about shadow counters happening or not happening, and are simply applying pressure? If they shadow counter, then you blow through and continue on with your day - if they hold the pressure, then maybe you open them up into combo (which will grant spin), maybe you chip them a bunch, and either way they dont get to play.

Heck, if you don’t want near-infinite, un-shadow counterable pressure in instinct, can I have it?


And just as a housekeeping note, you can’t pip cancel out of teleport recovery. You can cover that recovery with a meaty fireball, but that’s about it. Fulgore always has a gap between when he reappears and when he can attack or otherwise move.


here ya go. a simple juggle suggestion to keep in your back pocket on top of all this other nonsence.
may it aid you on your journey.



Yeah, so mashing jab works? Can you pip cancel into teleport (this defeating your opponents SC for example)?

Regardless, the specifics are not so critical - Fulgore is already a mix up maniac and infinite pip Fulgore is even better. And as you point out he may have meter going into Instinct and he certainly has ways to get more after.

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you sure about that??? see the 22 second mark.