Fulgore instinct rant


no, his spin speed remains at whatever speed it was at before popping instinct. and if any energy system are used the speed goes down even in instinct. so it’s basically free pressure.


how does that contradict what I say?

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have fun taking shadow counters to the face when fulgore try’s to implement his “scary” instinct. anyone med/high to high teir is gonna eat it for breakfast. shadow counter windows are wider now in case u forgot


my bad, I posted without reading the following posts

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Why is he more prone to shadow counters now? Because of he 2 hits on the laser and Fwd HP?
Arent all characters with Instinct buffs more prone to SC? Omen, Fulgore, TJ, Jago, Shago, ect…?


because his cancel windows are shorter than the same frames of a SC making them easy pickings. should the effectiveness of all my meter speed and pips be put up for a bet to land an opener? fulgore already has those options when not in instincts it’s just more of the same crap.


He isn’t.


how did u find this thread anyways. I thought rukarri moved it to the digestive bowels of the forums 7th circle of he ll, where 1st amendment rights are sent to suffer slow and agonizing torture for all eternity.


Less worried now?


You know there’s a latest posts tab on the forum, right? It shows every topic that’s been recently updated. If people are posting in a topic, it’s easy to find

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yes and no. if fulgores starved for meter your gonna go for that meter spin which is initiated by trying to find an opener


Maybe you should make your offense less predictable.


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Please refer to


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Then how do you expect to fix said “idiocy”


It’s not, so don’t get your hopes up.

It’s not. TC has a strange fixation on getting shadow countered when (a) shadow countering Fulgore is often fairly difficult in the first place, and (b) Fulgore cares a lot less about shadow counters in general, because he can often DP right through them.

Situations where Fulgore has thrown a shadow counterable special but cannot cancel into a DP on reaction to the screen freeze are pretty rare. This instinct change makes Fulgore quite a bit more scary in instinct for my money, while denying him a free pair of skates by the end of it. Given gow difficult full-pip Gore is to deal with, I think it’s a pretty smart trade.

The character is still Top 2 or 3 in the game. Please no one get any funny ideas otherwise.


honestly I feel as if all the crazy things this game lets us do is just reeled in constantly and in turn it winds up being boring and looses that magic it once had. it goes for all characters not just this one. raam-boring. tusk-boring


Isn’t infinite pip cancels crazy?


An I the only one excited for this new instinct as a Fulgore main? I’ve wanted a skillful Instinct for a while. His old pop instinct get meter was lame and uneventful. If you’re worried about not having pips, or shadow counters, there are ways to easily build meter, I’ve displayed them many times on my channel and through these forums. Nothing in Fulgore’s game changed aside from his instinct. His neutral is the same.