Fulgore instinct rant


honestly, they should just stop trying to be cute and creative and just give him a GD meter like the whole cast.


I disagree.


I’m talking about instinct here. There’s more than likely a series of fireballs and lasers that locks down opponents from full screen, which would be completely unusable normally due to the 3 pips needed to do 3 fireballs + laser cancel, bt with free cancels is a lot more usable. And imo the biggest concern fulgore has is getting to 4 pips in order to shadow counter. The instinct change will remove a lot of the “i have excessive meter ill throw it into shadow blade dash,” but won’t affect defense.

Also no one uses more than like 1 auto triple light or medium.

I think meter gain will probably be fine. A lot of fulgores spin speed and meter is spent during fireball teleport setups. It just means if you want setups you have to either extend combos or just not do them. He actually builds spin speed fairly fast, it’s just that it slow down a lot with setups

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If they did that wouldn’t he be strictly better than Jago? Also how would he pip cancel or use instinct without pips?


lol. how? he keeps his meter even at 1.5 seconds a pip at the slowest, right? risk/reward spin goes up, spin goes down, but you can go ape 24 seconds out of the 4 life bars. but that 24 seconds is also high risk and less reward as its a guess if they’ll shadow counter. which may or may not be DP’d.


I’m mostly referring to specials - he gets a forward-moving triple-hitting invicible DP, up to 3 variable speed projectiles at once, and teleports to anywhere that cancel into other stuff without pip usage. It’s his meter gain that keeps him in check - without it, he effectively becomes the best character in the game (pre 3.6, he already arguably is).

Where are you getting 4 lifebars from? He has 2, just like everyone else (sans ARIA).

If your opponent has meter, you probably shouldn’t be doing SC-risky moves until they spend it.


and yet poor Nicky never won a tournament with him. when it comes down to the draw fulgore is always a guess to get out of crap. he can dish it out but can’t take it without a guess but that’s inherent of most of the cast, but now I have to guess even more than before for the less benefit. am I wrong?


Poor Nicky? He did win tournaments and placed in top 8 a lot that he didn’t, and that should not be ignored. Besides, let’s see how he does with the new changes. He does love those pip cancels from what I’ve seen.

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Now this is getting ridiculous. Are you complaining about fulgore’s defense now?


Fulgore’s defense is pretty solid - through his offense. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wish I could follow this thread, but Nicky won several big online tournaments in a row at the start of S3. He was the player to beat going into Combo Breaker, which Thompson won. “Nicky never won a tournament” is crazy talk.


Nah. Pip canceling is free in instinct.


I was be sarcastic lol. it took him a while and I’m only aware of one win with fulgore at a tourney and it was fairly recent. is it 2 now?


naw, I was just joking. if I wanted to complain about it believe me when I say, you woulda known about it a few posts in


So what exactly is the change? I dont quite understand the exact specifics of it.
Can he only pip cancel during instinct now? Besides pip cancels what else what it used for besides extra fireballs and shadow moves?


He can alwaysnpip cancel. Without instinct, he needs to use a pip to do so. In instinct, he can do it for free.


So what is the problem? So in instinct you do not need meter to do a pip cancel? So…why is this bad? Sounds pretty good to me! that means you can exit Instinct with full meter if you like all the while making things safe for free?

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You lose the maximum reactor charge. In previous instinct, your reactor speed gets maxed. This means you gain meter quickly. With the rework, reactor speed is normal but pip canceling is now free.


Just as a point of reference, from the 3.6 patch notes…

Instinct mode reworked:

No longer sets your spin speed to maximum.

No longer prevents you from losing spin speed as you normally would when using energy systems or getting knocked down.

Now gives you access to cost-free pip cancels for the duration.

[Fulgore was simply building far too much meter. He could completely ignore his own meter mechanics until instinct was available to him, pop it, and be loaded for the rest of the game. This is a big change that will force Fulgore players to respect how their meter works (attacking to build and maintain spin speed, zoning and teleporting to deplete it). It is a berf, however, because Fulgore’s Instinct just got much scarier. If you use energy systems aggressively during instinct, however, you won’t gain much meter during the mode. We feel this change makes Fulgore play much more thoughtfully, and we are looking forward to your feedback after playing as, or against, Fulgore.]


Ok, all makes sense now. Thanks

So this is the way it probably should have been all along. the reactor is the reactor and meter gain should stay the same regardless.