Fulgore instinct rant


Then change characters. Simple as that. Find the one that suits you. I know you’ve played him for a long time, but if you’re this upset over the best change he has ever gotten, then I really think you should take a break from him.

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I got wrecked yesterday. I’m a bit rusty, but I struggled when my opponent applied pressure. With fulgore when you don’t have meter you have to just eat a lot of pressure unless you want to throw out a DP since you don’t have meter to shadow counter. This also means in those situations if you do throw out a dp you can’t shadow eye laser to make it semi-safe. So I find you really have to be on point to get out of pressure. I may have just been playing like crap or unlucky in that the opponents I met did a good job of optimizing their combos when they hit me. They burned up most of my instincts time, at which point I was put back to square one with little meter to shadow counter with.

I think maybe I’ve been playing fulgore wrong and using the free meter as a bandaid for my play style, I don’t think I’m aggressive enough.

On the bright side the PD changes have made Mira a lot more fun.

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Reading through this thread, all this downplaying of Fulgore’s tools…just speechless.


This is exactly what I want to point out. It you needed instinct to get your meter you are not playing Fulgore to his highest potential. He has good normals, throw setups and his throw range is remarkably good! Tap a few normals up close on block, get in with a light blade dash for a throw bait or whatever and that is all spin speed increases. You have to find the happy medium where you have access to all of his tools and mixup game. If you get a vortex started life melts away and you really don’t need meter but you can still choose to build it in between.


IG created a monster with Fulgore.

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Listen, I’m just telling you my experience. I never claim to play him to his potential. And I’m fine if he doesn’t fit my play style anymore. I’m not disagreeing with you on how he should be played.

Everyone talks about playing him to his potential. The only person to do anything with the character is Nicky as far as I’m concerned there’s been nobody else who has shown the characters potential. I’ve watched people on these forums cry about the character for months, and yet nobody else has picked him up and done anything with him.

Why can’t we offer our opinions on these forums without people jumping to conclusions? I’m not downplaying the character. Where did I say he was bad or worse?! I’m giving you my personal opinion on him and how he fits my play style. I go as far to say in my post that I don’t think my play style fits the way he’s been designed.


With my playstyle I’m not really affected that much by the new change. All it did was enhance my ability.

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I actually prefer to use those tool sets when it’s suits me to do so. now that it’s rush down to get meter there’s only one way to play him now. his instinct change lost a my ability to play him how I see fit.


now fulgore is just like the rest of the brain dead cast. predictable shagos, orchids,aganoses<lol,raams, Mayas, etc. there are a few characters that are fundamentally unpredictable but now it’s just same ol same.


Fulgore’s limited access to meter means certain very specific mixups and pressure strings give him trouble. Beyond that, he has a meterless 3 frame 3 hit invul from frame 1 reversal that can be safe on block. Saying you “have to be really on point” when you can pull the trigger whenever you want vs over half the cast needing meter for a reversal is pretty wack.


Your preference in playstyle is to play as you see fit? In other words, to be malleable to a situation?


correct. all it’s doing to do is lead to degenerate play style. I hate that terminology but it fits.


I think what he means is his preference is doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. shrug

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Nicky has won more tournaments than pretty much anyone this year…and hasn’t missed a top 8 either. The minute you said fulgore loses to Aganos it was clear you had no idea what you were on about…the rest of this post just solidifies it


Of the cast, Fulgore, even with his changes, would fit that mindset. Let me ask this then. Do you agree or disagree with the developer’s thoughts to Fulgore


no not really. the only thing I agree with is that if fulgore sits back and zones that the spin speed reinforces that choice. I’m cool with that. my issue is that every tool in the game is stacked against him getting meter in the first place. I’m cool with the work but I think they should have at least speed up the minimum spin speed.


I’ve just been quietly reading along, and up until now it’s been an innocent sort of upside-down world, but now…

…we’ve gone full Pee-Wee Herman Bizarro.

Now that Fulgore has to actively think about and employ meter maintenance strategies other than “press HP+HK, then later maybe do it again” he has alas joined the rest of the brain-dead cast…

I wanna keep reading, but at this point this thread needs a disclaimer against possible closed-head trauma or embolism.


It’s always people who play the strongest characters that down play the ■■■■ out of them…


lol. is he a pain in the ■■■ to deal with? absolutely. I’ll tell u the very same thing I’ve been told. maybe u shouldn’t press that button when u think you should. the games just de-evolving and it just a few characters that remain interesting


I beat 98%of Fulgores. You included even when Aganos vs fulgore was a 7-3 mu. Even Nicky doesn’t take me down easily. So I know very much how to deal with him. Still doesn’t change the fact you have no clue what you’re talking about.