Fulgore instinct rant


thanks for jumping in on that one. I only main 1 person and it sure isn’t omen. whew, narrowly escaped that one. lol

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Ehh don’t think that’s true really

Over on the street fighter I never see down play for characters like Chun-li, Ryu, Necalli, Ken or Cammy
or on the Mortal Kombat side with characters Alien or Tri-borg or Tekken 7 with Xiaoyu. Heck even in Overwatch pros never underplay the stronger cast members like Ana, Roadhog and Reinhardt

Seems to just be the OP who down-plays Fulgore (as a main I still think Fulgore is great and will still be a top seed)


Wait, what? Cammy and Ken were suuuuuper downplayed by lots of people who used them for all of S1.


not once did I ever say (in this 200 reply) in this post that fulgore isn’t viable and a strong character. you really gonna let people put words in my mouth? cmon man. get real.


really just beat you 2 outta 5. not bad for a scrub against a guy with 4 stars. I take mad risks too. lol. those risks are for the sake of fun tho. I’d rather have fun and lose honestly. ggs tho.


You won one game barely. And that mu still favors fulgore heavily. So yeah you don’t know what you’re talking about.


By the way. Pro stars don’t mean a thing. There are people with them that are terrible. I only got those when LCD held tournaments for it. Haven’t bothered since.

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Should have said 3.6 changes then. This is the problem, as @DEClimax said, everything is incoherent.


Oh hey, we’re talking about my life now eh? No? Oh. K.

Kinda bummed about the Fulgore change. Kinda liked that his instinct was so simple. It fixed his one weakness and even worked between rounds. Really lovely utility that worked on its on and didn’t need too much work to be helpful.

But I can see why this is a good change. Sure it takes away the ease of use and raw fixing, but now in exchange for some more effort you can take advantage of one of his strongest features to an even crazier degree. I’m just bad at using the pip cancels (and I still get by alright with Fulgore, even without them, so I think he’s fine).

But yeah, @DEClimax predicted this just before the patch. Something along the lines of “I’m afraid it’ll make him better” and well, things are going to get nuts.


your an aganos main? how’s reeeek doing? we go way back and I’m just checking on him. lol


just play keep away. if fulgore does those crazy H lazer H fireball cancels then teleports behind you, just blow through it with something you’ll get a trade at worst. most fulgores teleport way to early on that mix up. by early I mean like 8 frames or there about. happy tech finding


Early days yes in Cammy’s case (but remember when early days Bison was considered top-tier and look where he ended up) but never for Ken…only Nash was downplayed but he was is mid/high tier (How could Ken be down-played with things like his invincible MP shoryuken , EX tatsu being a dive kick, high damage and a decent projectile game…all ken had which wasn’t great was some of his stubby normals)


If you’re getting broken here’s more questions to answer for you:

Did you try different combo strengths? Cause if you ge tbroken and you’re using the same strength, it’s not guess breaking, you’re not taking advantage of what your opponent knows.

Did you try Manuals? (different from auto-doubles, because of timing they can a bit more challenging to pull off.

Did you try Counterbreaking? If your opponent is breaking your stuff conisistantly on the same hit do a counter breaker and take advantage of those seconds.

You don’t need to land direct hits to get meter, just keep attacking, block or hit you get spin speed.

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I’ll say to u the same thing I told
attacking for meter opens him up for counters.
blocking is only half of potential spin speed.
fulgore shouldn’t have to counter break for meter.

higher level players will eat his attempts for breakfast, simple.


Have you considered getting meter as Fulgore being difficult is the point? You aren’t supposed to get it easily.


lol. u got some nice combos with fulgore on your match today. that arcade stick u were tapping on didn’t help u much. lolz


ya, and against higher level players it’s going to be a bigger blow out. I’m not asking for huge meter gain here people. maybe 1 or 2 pips over a period of time.


oh that was a keyboard


a keyboard?!!! holy moly! I couldn’t do that in a million years. it boggles my mind people play brawlers with that set up. :heart:


This thread is hurting me. Muted.