Fulgore instinct rant


@DeathBlooms2K8 for what it’s worth I thought your post about your experience with fulgore today was an insightful and valuable contribution. I’m not sure that the guys responding to you meant you to take it as a personal attack, but that’s kind if how things go in a thread with so much yelling and name calling from the OP.

As far as your experience with Fulgore I think the devs would look at it and nod their heads because I think what you experienced was pretty much their intention. I hate the expression “playing wrong” because I think it implies that there’s only one “right” way to play and I don’t think that’s true (or at least SHOULDNT be true), but I do think the intention of the change was at least in part to make Fulgore’s meter management more challenging. Fulgores meter was always intended to require some thought and the overall impression was that his instinct was letting people ignore it.

As far as whether the change was necessary, who can say? I generally argue pretty hard against anyone calling for nerfs because I rarely see defensible and consistent logic. I don’t think old Fulgore was “broken” and there’s no question there’s a lot of just plain salt flowing out there. But post 3.6 Fulgore clearly has some tools available and should still be a strong character.

Anyway, just thought I’d post something because I thought it was a bit tragic that your productive post seemed to get victimized by the hostility in the thread.


agreed. it was thought provoking. but this thread turned semi-salty. 90 percent of “the Pros” opinions i agree with. But no one seemed to address my questions directly. I get fulgore has different path to take during instinct and out, also that each choosen path has its risks/rewards. I get it, but as the house as the advantage playing poking so to does the very rules of the game inhibit his meter build. but to compensate fulgore has tools for the disadvantage, and those tools are again met with its own set of downsides. So if its a catch 22 and it all equals out why give him instinct then, its the same catch 22 outside of instinct minus the pip cost. even the pip cost is irrelevant due to people just waiting it out like gargos. The whole thing just chases it’s tail around the whole time. Ig just put some trash out there cause they had too.

ps. sorry bout the salt, i felt i had to defend myself


sorry, ill try and reword my blatant disrespect over the span of a few paragraphs,so its less obvious.

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Are you implying fulgore doesn’t wipe the floor with gargos?


lol. did i say that directly? i said wait his instinct out and play keepaway


Well, this is part of the reason why people aren’t fully addressing everything in your posts, I imagine. They’re just so incoherent, it’s hard to tell what you’re trying to say other than that you’re mad about fulgore changing.

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lol, I agree. conversation evolves over time and so to does the thought process behind it. We grow from other peoples input and gain different perspectives. rambling on in a 5 paragraph post that people wont read doesnt work. follow the bouncing ball over the words or leave it be.


besides, if people care enough to read every post, then they surely care about the game and the conversations that followed. To be honest, those are the people i want to talk to most


I don’t think you really understand what the problem is.


rambling in 1 paragraph long posts doesnmt work either.

Neither does insulting people and pretending like your stupid examples are theirs either.


ok then. lets talk


I’ve talked with you plenty today. I’m going to sleep instead.


still salty about that huh. I was just saying that my example was “dumb” or interchangable with any other situation, irrelevant if it were


lol, thanks for being here for what its worth, and i do agree with almost everything u said. thanks for your contributions to these forums. :heart:


Much like the rest of this thread. C’mon man, try and follow along or you’ll cofuse yourself even more :wink:

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I think ive talked enough too. All the people who care most about this game have commented and shared.
can u close this thread please?


lol, naw i think ive got it :heart:


jesus, someone kill me now like IG killed omens demonic dispair with their PD changes!


Sorry, what? So a move that does 100% PD is now killed because you get back 50% life instead of all of it on a break? And that the 100% PD stays there for 3 seconds before recovering instead of 1?


I think he was referring to the front-end execution of the move. Sure they made the move scarier, but with strike vulnerability added they moved it back to being virtually impossible to land.
Personally I’d rather have seen DD toned down & actually be a viable move to use than be a death sentence that falls apart if you sneeze on it.