Fulgore instinct rant


Projectile setups don’t always cost a pip. I’ve developed several that are pip free for teleport setups and they are still safe. Requires meter wakeup or dp wakeup and even if they do them most of the time it still trades. The cancel ones are faster yes, but you can still achieve the same results because you decide when and where you go somewhere.


see this is where people get me all wrong. his instinct is dope as heck! and I’m great full for the utility. my issue is that the his meter is built off taking too much risk.

guess broken- F u, no meter
aganos chunks up? F U, no meter.
oh, guessed a light manual in fulgores cancels and broke it? F U, no meter.
oh, teleported behind kan ra’s BS? less meter.
oh, I F’ed you outta all that meter? now deal with my shadow counters, fire balls, portal punches cause I build meter like the rest of the cast.

pro FCGs that can’t see an inch past their stupid nose: ya but but he gets invincible DP,teleport, (that gets punished) fireballs, (also punished) cancels. just the fact combo breaks exist at all undermine the very meaning of his meter build.

I’m just complaining about instinct as a by product of meter removal

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why not just play a character that builds meter normally if you hate it so much.you still build speed on throws and blocked attacks, why not just try and figure out a block string to get your spin speed up and maybe not go ham on the energy to actually build some.


dude, how about I cancel a confirmed medium double lazer into H lazer for a stager, then H plasma bolt into a teleport light manual then combo system? I think u missed the point


Which is valid for a new game and new characters, but this is a character that’s been around for most of the games lifespan. This is a big change for someone who’s been playing the character for a long while.


I think youre being pretty wasteful with your meter then. If you want what little unbreakable damage that adds at the cost of 2 pips and killing your spin speed, so be it, but you can’t complain that fulgore has big meter troubles when youre intentionally doing the most expensive use of it. Just manual a medium kick after laser.

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which is breakable and translates to no meter. again u missed the point that ties failed attempted combos into not having meter.


So you’re going to spend all your meter and kill your meter gain to… get meter? I don’t see where you’re going with this, whether or not you do you fancy opener doesnt matter, if you get guess broken on the first hit of a manual youd get guess broken on the first hit of your combo system afterwards anyways


exactly!!! which translates into no meter. so I get my combo broken (ok fine) and no spin speed? that’s BS.


you’d still have that spin speed you got from making them block if you didn’t spend it all for like5% from non-opener heavy laser + fireball


lol. that was just a dumb example. try to follow along.


u clearly don’t have an answer. so it validates my post just a little bit more.


it was your example though

i mean like are you calling yourself dumb or something


You’re making no sense. See, in my mind, i feel that’s fair for a character that has tons of tools to do things. He needs a weakness.

He can zone you. He can rush you down, which you’ve stated your adversion to. He can mix you up. His damage is still high. His defense is probably one of the tops in the game.

The fact that a character that can do all those things almost completely independent of his meter…and then struggle in other places because he has a unique way to gain meter is balanced to me. Or, at the very least, accepted by me in this game as balanced. He gains meter passively from the first second of a match. Who else does that?

All those things about getting F’ed on? It’s whatever. ‘Guess broken’ in combo or on a manual? Well, whoop-de-do, not only does every other player get broken on combos, they just put out a update that makes it a smidge better for you for opening an opponent up. And if it upsets you that it happens every time at the same moment, that’s a pattern. Ie, counter breaker.

Teleport behind Kan-Ra? Less than a handful of characters that can teleport, period, and not one of them is safe or free. Tough cookies.

F’ed you out of your meter? Oh, no different from baiting a couple SC’s, making opponent’s whiff wakeup shadows, breaking shadow linkers, out and out hitting them out of the startup of the move.

Know what, the overall fact that it feels like you feel as a player that you have to work to gain meter and work to win makes me feel like Keits and the combat staff made the absolutely correct call in making the changes they did to Fulgore’s instinct.

This does not feel like a discussion anymore. This feels like one person on a soapbox, preaching their gospel and trying to make others see their light. I think im gonna leave this here, maybe continue to read this topic and be about my business.


But he earns meter just fine on block too as I stated. I can earn max spin speed from a few seconds of pressure… Early on is the best time too since they can’t shadow counter. Fulgore gains spin speed from any and all physically based offensive attacks on hit and block. So if you can’t build meter on block that is your flaw. Not the characters.


ya. I do hit and run to start off the match and maybe I can work on that more, engaging the enemy as it were. but my issue is that combo breakers slow meter gain and counter breakers are basically a guess or its too late by the time an obvious pattern is made clear. in that scenario what your say is too throw out normals and specials, not combo off them, or optionally, block their attacks and be thrown eventually to lose even more spin speed?


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u have no idea what ur talking about read my second post down from the top. ur seriously hopeless.


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