Fulgore instinct rant


The fact that you called Raam braindead says enough.


really? I said that cause every rAam player plays the exact same way. go ahead and eat it up


I didn’t mean it in a bad way sorry if it came off that way, I’ve played Fulgore since he came out, always will. I just don’t have the time for tourney play and saying Nicky is the only one who has done anything with Fulgore is just not correct. Alex Valle, Ricky Walker, Rico Suave, Nicky, Lemonhunter, there are quite a few Fulgores out there or people who have been successful.

I always try to coach on the bot whenever I can, everyones feedback is important. If the character isn’t for you there are 23 others. Just have to find them. :slight_smile:

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sit there and tell me every shago u face Dosent do the same sh/t. or all the other ones I mentioned.


Brain dead implies that the character has such a strong tool set that can play every mu the same way. Something Raam nor any character currently can really do. Only one who could do that was Shago when he was busted as hell. So again. Raam can’t fight thunder the same way he fights Jago. Aganos can’t fight riptor the same way he fights Glacius. If the player tries to they simply don’t know how to play the mu. So yeah…still don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.


Yeah I can tell you that. When I fight Rico suave or shonryus shagos they switch up their plan depending on who I pick. I fight diamond or amenty’s Maya their gameplan switches drastically whether depending on if I’m picking Aganos or riptor Raam etc. You’re simply fighting people who only know how to play one way. Which is what will happen when ranked is what you mostly play.


can’t help ya then. I’m not going to summarize my whole thread. u read the latest ones?


I read your thread. No need to summarize. Its simple you don’t know what you’re talking about. Something I could tell just from playing you before.


I’m feeling like your love of Fulgore’s old instinct and feeling of the cast being braindead is interesting. You hit your opponent to gain meter, and in the most simplistic ways of looking at it, Fulgore had a mechanic that bypassed that. It rewarded them HANDSOMELY for getting them to accept a Fulgore that ran away in instinct, among other things.

You seem to want a character that is malleable, and can adapt to any situation. If that is true and that’s what you want, that’s the most boring type of character.


Man I’ve had a lot of respect for your opinions on these forums. Clearly either you didn’t read my post or you didn’t comprehend what I wrote. If you can’t shadow counter you don’t have shadow meter to make DP safeish.

Now lets speak objectively here.

Shadow counter is a defensive tool that requires meter. Fulgore does not gain spin speed while being pressured as such he does not obtain shadow meter easily on defense. Thus shadow counter is often not a tool at his disposal in a match where he’s been on defense a lot. You can compare whichever characters and their reversals or what not. This is objectively how the mechanic works with him. If you don’t think starving your opponent of shadow meter through offense is strong please see Season 2 Spinal.

Fulgores projectile damage was reduced. This is objectively a nerf. This makes Fulgores zoning objectively weaker.

Fulgores instinct was changed. He no longer gets max spin speed. Instead he doesn’t lose pips with cancelled specials. This is objectively what happened, whether it’s a better or worse instinct is subjective.

Now that we have that stuff out of the way. What I think ShellShock is trying to say is that the combination of these changes force Fulgore into a certain playstyle. His projectiles are worse, hes does not gain free pips in instinct. I think it’s safe to say that it’s in a fulgores best interest to pressure and gain reactor spin over zoning. I think this is what IG wants, and I don’t think it makes Fulgore worse, but it does guide him into a more specific type of playstyle in MY opinion. And I think that’s what shellshock is saying.

Prior to this patch I played fulgore like a Jago with better mixups and weaker damage. His playstyle was fairly versatile if you wanted it to be. These changes appear to guide him more towards being focused on his pressure and mixup game. This is all fine and it absolutely does not make him weaker.

I sympathize with the frustrations many have had to deal with fulgore and his shenanigans but respectfully ask for you all to objectively look at these changes and see what they mean for the character. Rather than generalizing the conversation to “Get gud, he’s fine, stop downplaying” look at their impact from all angles.

I must reiterate one final time I do not feel these changes make him weaker.


You could always learn Sadira… not that I’m biased or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s ultimately the beauty of it all. KI has a large and diverse cast, if you don’t like the way one character plays you can pick up another :slight_smile:


thank Christ someone gets it


But Fulgore doesn’t really struggle for meter once he’s at the instinct point. IMO the weakest point for fulgore is gamestart against very pressure heavy characters like kim wu or spinal, spinal especially since he stops gains entirely. You have to fight for the 4 bars to sc, then you can go all in. But you have to look at your meter and what you want to do with it. Don’t forget that pressure focused fulgore actually takes a lot of meter. Fireball setups cost a pip and a quite a bit of spin speed, keeping it slow even if you are getting a good amount of damage and speed in your vortex. You can’t just do full zone or full pressure, you have to slow down a little and let the spin speed run until you have sufficient meter to shadow counter or pip cancel dp or what have you. Slow pip gain matters a lot less if you have meter already.

I don’t think the zoning nerfs are too bad. I think they’re a little forceful but zoning fulgore is still fairly good, so long as you don’t put your entire gameplan into it.

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no man. say I get a set resource I have to spend wisely. yes I agree I can’t go wily nilly, but to make fulgore live and die off opening an opponent up is just retarded. not to mention all the gameplay mechanics that inheritly draw meter. f fulgores 0 Frame start up invincible lazer bean cancel crap. good luck getting noobs to pick him up

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Not every character is going to be fun for every player. This is inevitable in fighting games.


got an excuse for everything don’t ya lol


f fulgores 0 Frame start up invincible lazer bean cancel crap

but he doesn’t have that?


Well, everything you say is wrong, misguided, disingenuous, or some combination of the three, so it’s easy to have a response to whatever you post.


How does his instinct determine his entire match plan? You can build Full spin speed off 2 unbreakable small combo’s, or land 1 and still have a significant portion of meter, you can even do the string on block for slightly less spin. And it can be done at any time even from zoning. His instinct giving him spin speed didn’t do much for him in the long run. People popped it for meter if they needed it. That’s it. Him getting free pip cancels means he can save full meter and skate around while zoning. There is soo much utility in this new instinct I still haven’t scratched the surface of how many variations of pressure and mixups I can do now.

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