For those of you in the Preview Program I Made a Ultra Combo Club

You sound like a conspiracy theorist. You assume the info will be buried. I frequently read through the thread looking for where I left off. The simple fact is that you cant have two threads of the same subject matter, its against the forum guidelines. By way of protocol these duplicate threads are supposed to be to be brought to the attention of the moderators for thread merger.

I might be a conspiracy theorist, but doesn’t mean I am wrong :slight_smile: I just read the other thread that he wants to merge. His was talking about “starting” a club. This one was about the club being active. Then Geek changed his after he got mad about Salty starting a club with that name.

Think of it like forums. We’re currently on the official KI forums, but tons of unofficial KI forums existed long before these yet that didn’t cause this one to become obscure or ignored and plenty of us are members of both these and the unofficial ones.

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You being right or wrong is debatable. The bottom line is you don’t “know”. Without definitive knowledge by way of a confession all you have is speculation and suspicion. It may be beneficial for both parties to yield. As far as I can tell @GalacticGeek has already yielded his position. Will you also yield? Call it a draw and move on.

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Except that this is NOT a duplicate thread. This thread is about @SaltyInstinct’s KI Club and the other thread is about @GalacticGeek’s Club. Saying it’s a duplicate is like saying all the Sadira threads should be merged with all the Maya threads because they are all about KI characters…

“Irks” is spelled with an “i,” and it irks me to see it written elsewise.

I’m still waiting for someone to tell my why anyone should bother to join a club at all. But Geek your behavior isn’t really making me feel like I should pick yours. Maybe no one is targeting you and your posts are just off topic and offensive? I don’t know, just a thought. You just got back from a needless ban, and it looks to me like you might be headed for another one. Is everything okay? Seems like you’re all fired up lately, even for you.

Anybody going to be providing any information on what the club feature actually does and what you might do with it?


"As a Club member, you’ll be able to set up parties, play games, share content, and easily communicate using voice and text chat with the Club across Xbox One and the Xbox app"

That’s partially true. It’s true in the sense that I don’t want him stealing my own thunder, but I could really care less how his does other than I don’t think it should do better than the official club (which nobody has yet, even me). If you want to join his AND mine, I’m okay with that. I’m just facing the reality that that’s not likely to happen because like duplicate threads, there’s not much reason to be a member of duplicate clubs (unless you’re some sort of weird super-fan (here’s looking at you @KIFANATIC8488).

All I really want is to get a sizable group together under a somewhat official basis that represents the game that we enjoy through the new club feature.

Also, it’s not just his club vs. mine. In my thread, which did come 1st, I also talked about how I didn’t want anyone doing exactly what he’s doing! If he changes the name of his club, that would literally be all it takes to make me happy. It’s either that, or having someone like Rukari make the official one. The reality, however, may simply be that just might never happen. I just don’t like the idea of someone who’s been a long-contributing member to this community to suddenly be outdone by a relatively new person with no real contributions of his own, that I know of, to this community - it’s like hiring the guy with no experience vs. the guy with 50 years of experience.

If he can garner a following, and make consistent contributions to both the community and his club (like with keeping up with announcements, special events, etc.) and show that he has what it takes to basically be an effective manager, I would happily hand the reigns over to @SaltyInstinct - the truth though, is that he hasn’t shown me anything to indicate that he’d be that dedicated to it. To me, right now, his is just another shell - mine won’t be.

I’m definitely going to try lol just wish I could manage it from my phone and not just my Xbox (>_<)

Well if the guy with no experience is more sucessful than a guy with 50 years of experience,then it makes more sense to higher the guy with no experience doesn’t it? All I know though is that I will be making a Fulgornia club.

Go right ahead nothing is stopping you from it (well except if your not in the Preview) also you can set moderators for the clubs so it doesn’t just have to be one person pulling all the strings

You don’t want to allow people to make their own club because you want a big one. You are misunderstanding the clubs. They work both at big and small level.

You don’t have the right to demand a name change of his club.

And with your attitude, your club won’t be very much populated


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I can’t really put myself in the shoes. Remember. Competition is good. It is better for the official club if they have some competition. It is better if they are multiple.

Not if it fragments the community in the process…

It won’t fragment if people can join both. If one has more popular,chances are it is better than the other which is why people are joining.

My goal is to make a club that makes it easier for people to play not just random people in exhibition but people that are in the same community that they are part of. The features the Xbox live clubs provides such as easily seeing people who want to play and just instantly being able to do so is something I’ve always wanted to be implemented and it has finally arrived. Also I’d like for my club to be insightful. For example I saw a post here about some guy that felt like he was always ignored when he posted something on here or on facebook. I think part of the reason why people aren’t so willing to to be helpful is because behind saying that “yes I’ll help you out” they have to search for their gamer tag and set everything up (sometimes people have bizzare gamertags such as lllilll) whereas with clubs since you are already on your Xbox you’re more likely to do it.
Ninja edit: I don’t want my club to replace this site or any other KI site. I want it to be a tool people use to find players and interact with them in a much easier way than through a website.


So your looking at this as more an employer holding interviews. Which I see nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with having pride in your endeavors. And for every club that has no members to its name, just eats up the possibilities of names you can choose, unless the old clubs are dissolved. I can understand that as well. I wouldn’t join an official ki club if the only name left to pick is like powder puff club.

So we have the confession. And as it turns out @SadisticRage76 was right. But the settlement offer is still on the table. Now that we know what is what, and we fly by facts and not suspicion. We all already know the verdict, and everyone is still free to make their choice in clubs. I already know which club I’m going to pick. By I have to wait until October when my system update comes out.

It’s not a matter of whether they can, but a matter of if they will. The problem here is that, as of right now, his is gaining more traction simply because he posted his in the general discussion forum rather than the off-topic forum like I did and as a result of that, his thread is getting more replies, and his club more new members. It’s not a matter of popularity (since we haven’t done anything yet that’s truly substantive), but a simple matter of circumstance. I’m literally being punished for following the rules while he’s being rewarded for cheating. Simply posting in his thread and keeping it at the top of the forum makes me an accessory to that act (I’m literally working against myself). :frowning:

@SaltyInstinct While that’s all well and good, you’ve mentioned literally nothing that sets it apart from every other club. What are you going to do that makes it DIFFERENT or STAND OUT. For example, the Achievement Hunters Killer Instinct Club has a very specific and unique goal/idea in mind - as such, I don’t consider them a competitor, such as yourself. What are you going to do that draws more people in than every other competitor, like myself?

This is your campaign platform, and I’m giving you the podium - use it!

@GeneralScrebor He wasn’t entirely right. While I didn’t want to be ignored (who does?), I hold no ill will towards @SaltyInstinct. I’m just a victim of circumstance - he was able to make the club before me simply because he got the preview update before I did (since they roll it out in waves). It irks me because I specifically asked the community on this very forum to NOT make 1, and he either ignored my request or simply missed it entirely (which is the more likely scenario).

Ok, that’s understandable. But once again. Without concrete knowledge that he missed the memo or deliberately ignored it. I would just opt for the less damaging of the two scenarios. Unless he specifically says “I saw it and just thought nuts to that” I would just assume he missed the memo.

I did, hence why I had the “which is the more likely scenario” comment in parenthesis. Based upon your reply, I’m assuming you misunderstood. It’s not your fault, though.

…I really, really need to work on how I phrase things. SIGH