Flip mechanic and air combo breakers not good

They should not have added air combo breakers and the flip mechanic to the game. I feel like season 1 was the best, simple but fun. I like season 2 and 3 but the flip mechanic and air combo breaker kinda ruin it for me.

Hoping for new KI game for the next xbox.

So you want Cinder to do 30-40% for free off an anti air? Sadira too? How Bout Shadow Jago? Or Thunder? Sabrewulf? Rash? TJ? That’s a pretty hefty list that would become overpowered and unbeatable if you took away air breakers. Since recaps are juggles as well you’d get a 100% free combo to ender of choice off any anti air. I’ll pass, air breakers are gladly accepted.


So basically give characters like sadira, cinder, and Shago free unbreakables that can lead to big damage?


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Like the lot, without these mechanics added in, characters who control the air would get a significant buff in this department.

Remembering Season 1, Sadira got free counter breakers from these air juggles which added to her already overwhelming instinct and one chance break damage from said instinct jump cancel openers. She was a significantly OP character in that department and it removing this aspect would jump her up significantly - if it weren’t there today.

This, at face value, comes off as a bit standoffish and while he certainly has played the game and S3, he can voice his displeasure as such.


Juggles aren’t very easy to break, either. They’re like getting hit with consecutive manuals. If you’re getting broken very consistently in your juggles, I can guarantee there are ways you could be mixing them up more.

Flip-outs are just resets that convert from air to ground. Anything that can stop a grounded reset can stop a flip-out too. Invincible DPs, backdashing, throw tech, blocking, etc. Plus if you can predict the flip-out attack when it happens, you can break it and never give it a chance.

Just being honest

I understand; things like this are hard to gauge cause internet has but implied emotion lol

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If they didn’t, you’d get juggled all day and get damage you otherwise could of been able to avoid. So yeah.

When you wanna call out removing a mechanic, you need to know it works both ways.

Might wanna think about that before you post.


No emotion at all, just telling it like it is.

ruins it for you but you play a character that REALLY takes advantage of flipout?


Like people have already said, this game without air Combo-Breakers would make characters with extended air juggles a nightmare to fight against. Season 1 was cancer in that regard.



The game, when It comes to breaking, is fine as is. Hell, if air breakers were taken away some everyday schmo like me could get a Top 32 star just off of playing a character that @SullenMosquito mentioned (I play Shago and TJ in the first place, so yeah). No thanks fam. Something gives me a funny feeling that this is gonna spiral to the degree of the G0tei patch notes 3.8 thread that people like Sullen have seen.

But I already leaked the patch notes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

Lol. But you right it would make a good chunk of the cast nigh-on unstoppable.

As a Sadira main, I can tell you that air breakers are necessary. I mean, her combo trait smacks you up in to the air. Same goes for her throw, two of her enders, her target combo, etc etc. Her main mission is to get you airborne so she can use salticidae, widows drop, widows bite combo hijinks and heavy widows bite.

So if you want to get rid of air breakers without horribly throwing the game out of balance, and I can’t speak to Cinder or other air heavy characters, but for Sadira, you can either take all that air stuff away from her and essentially destroy her, requiring a complete rebuild from scratch, or you leave her as is and make her super S tier.

You might say “take this or that away from her” but as long as she’s an air superiority character, her move set will center around getting the opponent in to the air for what you’d want to be 100% free damage. You take something away, what do you add elsewhere so she’s still a fun, unique character to use that’s focused on getting you up in the air?

I can respect the fact that you have an opinion, but what are your practical solutions to solving the problems a breakerless air space would now create? FWIW Sadira, in my opinion, is a thousand times more fun to use in season 3 then she was in season 1, so simply taking fun toys away, again, doesn’t seem like a solution to me.

As for flipouts, what bothers you about them? I think they’re a fun way to surprise an opponent and keep the pressure on. I mean sure, it’s not fun to get hit by one and you’re just sitting there, suddenly thrust in to making a choice you weren’t expecting to make, but it’s not like you’re utterly defenseless.


If any developers bother to look at this thread don’t listen and keep air breakers.

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Flipouts are the worse thing that happened to this game