Flip mechanic and air combo breakers not good

Why? What don’t you like about them?

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It’s more a matter of this dood asking to OVERBUFF the f*ck out of the fighters @SullenMosquito mentioned.

oh god another one >.>

Guys obviously the solution to prevent certain characters from becoming OP would be to also remove juggles.

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At that point we may as well take jumping out entirely lol

Some people don’t find value in doing as such. The first and foremost reason to ever play a game is to find enjoyment. Someone shouldn’t feel the need to “adapt” or in other words “get gud” (the most common and baseless remark floating around the forms) if they don’t find enjoyment anymore.

I can’t say I am a fan of his suggestion, but I understand where he is coming from.

Things like that are usually always gauged as a jerkish remark. Doesn’t matter how right someone may be in the situation, they are pretty much an a-hole, that’s as far as small remarks gauge around here. Though most of us just agree because it’s to the point and devoid of any further discussion. I guess gifs have the same implication. Hmph.

Main point to this is that in Season 1, there wasn’t actually a way to end combos in air, so even if potential damage built up, it would usually go away if the pressure fell or weren’t all heavies. Season 1 Sadira was scary for her unbreakable airs, but he unbreakable jump/cancel combo was the main threat because she could actually end the combo.

Now that most everyone who is proficient in air combos, they are also equipped with a way to end a combo by using a shadow variant. So in that regard, it would be entirely overpowered because as a TJ I imagine myself in instinct doing heavy > backstep > heavy > backstep > heavy > backstep > heavy > backstep > heavy > shadow cyclone and boom… like 40-50% free damage.

I’ve played KI since season one, I had a hard time with the mechanics at first myself. I learned and adapted and now my game is better than ever. Adapting isn’t that hard, in fact he could do it and it wouldn’t take up much of his time, complaining about changes in games is just a cop-out. If that makes me an a-hole for pointing it out then I guess I am a a-hole.

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Not my point, I actually agree with you when it comes to adapting. People should adapt to changes of a formula, especially one they don’t understand. Most problems can be solved by simply figuring it out, like you noted.

But, the difference is that it seems like the enjoyment of these changes is lost for the OP. In which case the problem isn’t about adapting as much as it is about moving on to a different game because it’s simply not fun. Or taking a break and coming back to learn the new mechanics.

Just saying, you aren’t wrong as much as I think I picked up a different vibe where a remark with little sentiment isn’t necessary.

Yes, Rash, jaga, shayga, and Hisakole with her
annoying slow motion land juggle…

Oh is that all? I suppose I could have said it better but I just say what needs to be said and be done with it.

I feel you dude, no big deal.

All joking around aside, if this even existed and went through, it would be a world where, in Sajam’s words, “not everyone would be ready to live in.” There, he joked about Gargos having a Stoneskin that isn’t capable of being broken through with Heavies. Imagine Sadira having breakerless aerials. Not only are the air shenanigans breakable to maintain a sense of balance, but you would be considerably nerfing characters by removing flipouts. If anything, that increased the potential on characters (i.e. Jago with his laser sword flipout into 4HP (playing too much Guilty Gear lately) > Endoduken > Shadow Wind Kick), and they were a welcome addition. If anything, I certainly play JC Tombo (reference to Maximilian’s Week of TJ) way more often cos j.LP > j.LK has much more usability now.

Bottom line, @Fenix1729, things need to be kept as is. Players have proven the changes to be beneficial.