Fighting EX Layer


Oh yeah definatley. I actually think he would be a good way to implement some of the moves from the Street Fighter Characters. Make him like Taskmaster but for SF characters. Plus, he did have a couple moves that were unique to him.




Or… though I am not all that for characters like these… make him into one of those mimic characters who changes between the already existing characters’ movesets for each match, like Mokujin in Tekken or Edge Master in Soul Calibur.

I’m not all that fond of characters like that, but that is a better way to show that he is someone who can copy other people’s moves.


Uhh. I hate characters like that too. So boring. I prefer the taskmaster idea. Or just take the couple moves he had that were just his, and expand on them.


I never played him, so I didn’t realise he had moves of his own.


check the street fighter wiki he has a couple moves listed in the listed movesets that are only his.


Okay, I can guess what “Healing” does… no idea about the rest.
But hey, cool that he can do Cammy’s Killer Bee Assault. Kinda curious to see how that looks like in-game.


Honestly, me neither. I’ve never played EX3 either. I tend to get attracted to the one guy on a roster thaat’s either left out or underutilized. If anyone has the ability to record footage from EX3 or knows of a moveset video on te internet, can you put them here?


My main is Blair, without a doubt… but HOT DAYUM! Hayate looks pretty hot. Definitely gonna try him out as well.$MediaCarousel_Original$


when are they going to put it on the ps store! I want to pre-order!


You can’t pre-order.



I is sad now


I’ll be picking this up! I’m so a fighting game junkie.
Hands look modeled in perfect fashion, I wish Soul Calibur VI had this definition in the hand/ extremity aspects


What difference does it make?


shrugs I don’t know. I think it might be a holdover from buying physical copies of things, and wanting to guarantee you actually get a copy. That’s not really a thing with digital releases though. So I guess it’s irrational


I stray away from physical releases. With digital updates & simple access through the main system, I don’t have to get up and change the disc to okay, also if something ever happens to the disc such as scratches/ chipping/ console mechanism error, the digital, copy remains unharmed

I hate I got the sfv disc because I thought I’d like the ryu statue (which I’ve given away)

Although however I will get this soulcalibur deluxe physical copy for the exclusive meaty content in October


I prefer physical copies so that I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on extra hard drives for all my games


I prefer digital out of the fear of the physical copies breaking… which has happened to me numerous times in the past. Just a scratch on the disk is enough for a game to never be playable again.

At least when it is digital, it is tied to my online account, so I can always download it again.

I’m not a collector though, I don’t have that mindset, to have something on my shelf to show off. Hence why I don’t care about those special editions either, where you get all sorts of stuff with the game.


I’m very much a collector as well. Just ask my 100% complete LEGO Dimensions Collection. Plus, I take methodical care of my discs. In short I’m the perfect combination of traits that companies love because i end up compulsively giving them all my money.


I don’t think they are going to respond though…