Fighting EX Layer


You know what I meant. If you can hook me with properties or a game that I love, i’ll buy all of your merch.


So just by looking at the roster, what character appeals the most to you guys? Who do you think you’re going to main?

As I mentioned above, just based on past experience with SFEX, I will most likely main Blair. I loved her in SFEX and was so disappointed when they decided to take her out of the series, so seeing her return to FEXL makes me so happy! I love her new design and her new moves.

Hayate looks pretty cool too, so I’m gonna give him a shot as well. My other fave from the SFEX games was D.Dark, and he looks really awesome in this game as well.


Honestly, I have a real urge to try out all of them. Although I am pretty sure my favorites are going to be Shirase, Skullomania, and Shadowgeist. With Sanane/Nanase and Hayate following close behind. Maybe add area and Sharon to that list if they ever get released. Oh, and Ace ;).


This series Is completely new to me I can’t wait to see which one I do like … it looks visually appealing so I’m game



At least in Europe. :heart:


cool. how is it?


Fighting EX Layer is now available world-wide


OK I live on the east coast of the United States and it is not available for purchase for me. Does anyone know what’s going on, what times did it go live in your respective countries. Because it’s not showing up on the PlayStation store on my consul or on my computer


As soon as I have money…


This is me getting my behind kicked in Fighting EX Layer for a couple of hours! :smiley:

Sorry about the first small part of the video, I was trying to setup twitch then.


so, dose this game have anything like an arcade mode?


No, it focuses mostly on Online mode, however, in Training mode you can put it to a “Kumite” mode which works like an endless single-player experience.

Maybe if the game sells well, they will consider making an Arcade mode.


Aw ■■■■. Is their player vs cpu?

Geez they’re really taking a page from Capcom. They should’ve called it fighting EX layer V. I wonder how long it’s going to be till arcade edition comes out. I wonder how many seasons of dlc there will be.

Sorry if I sound salty. I just really want to enjoy this game but since I don’t give into the scam that is PlayStation plus, I don’t really have any options to do so


Training mode.

There’s a HUGE difference. Arika is an indie game developer. They don’t have the money to do these extra modes, they instead focused on the ones they thought mattered the most.

This is a case of “if you want more game, you need to support them with your wallet”. Not a “Welp, we have to ship what we made this far because of EVO coming soon” which Capcom did.


OK. Well, I bought the full $60 version. I guess all I can do now is hope.

I hate using training mode for vs. cpu because the fight never ends.


As someone who also have spent most of my fighting game days playing in Offline mode, I definitely feel you on that one. It was why I was kinda disappointed at Killer Instinct and SFV when they launched. I’ve never been especially good at fighting games, I just love playing them with my friends and otherwise go through some good single-player content. It’s only in recent years (since MK9, actually) that I started dabbling in playing online. I still suck at it, but I can enjoy some matches now and then. :stuck_out_tongue:

The video I posted above is a solid proof of my noobiness when it comes to fighting games. XD


Something about the speed of the game in the YouTube vids gave me reservations-
I think I will try to learn core characters that may be returning in soulcalibur 4/5 until I get a better feel of what all is going on in this game


Max streaming the game now.


I know a lot of people are kinda iffy when it comes to youtubers, but I am just glad this game is getting some good exposure! It helps it a lot!


Seems like Ketchup is getting more into detail with the Gougi system. Awesome!