Fighting EX Layer


Fighting EX Layer now has a release date


Oh no, it’s only 2 days after Cody! D:
I’ll have to wait getting it then…


I hope they make enough money for English dubbing at some point. I don’t like the sound of Japanese, astetically I mean.


Aesthetics are pure visual. Nothing to do with sound. So you just don’t like how Japanese sounds… which can be considered a bit racist.


Yeah. I understand that. Maybe if I actually spoke the language i’d Feel differently. But it’s one of those pet peeves you have but are embarrassed about.


It’s okay to feel that way. You don’t understand the language and sometimes languages don’t sound appealing. I feel the same way about hindi in India lol


Sincere apologies if this has already been posted, but GameInformer just tweeted this out, so I figured I’d throw this character video out there.


Hold on, Hindi is one of the national and at the same time one of the dominant languages spoken in India, am I correct? :confused:


Google it.


It’s spoken the most in India, but I wouldn’t say it’s THE dominant language. About 50% of people in India speak Hindi. English is second with 12% and Bengali is 3rd with roughly 9%. I don’t know how much I’ve heard Hindi spoken, but I’ve been around a lot of Bengali in my life and when it’s not being shouted (much like any language), I think it sounds rather nice.


If these stats are true, then Hindi is indeed the dominant language spoken in India.


Ah, yeah sorry. I’m having an awake but asleep kind of day. It’s absolutely the dominant language. For some reason, I got it in my head that it because it wasn’t more than 50% it wasn’t. I don’t know where my brain is today lol. Thanks, man!


Arika is gonna at CEO 2018 just a day after the release of Fighting EX Layer but look at the second picture and you will see what their teasing.


This game comes out this Thursday correct?


Yup. I won’t be able to get it until Friday though. But I sure am going to get it! :smiley:


Me too. Definatley. I want to support them as soon as possible so we can get Sharon, Area, Pullum Purna, and Vulcano Rosso. Maybe even Ace, :wink:


These two have already been teased, so I’m sure they will be DLC in the near future.


Apologies for asking, but have they given a definitive answer as to whether or not a physical copy will be available at some point, or is it kind of a “if we get enough support, we’ll do release a physical copy” thing?


ok then. we just have to wait for Sharon, Area, and Ace. I will. not. let. them. forget. Ace


Unless they give him his own special moves and such, I hope they do forget about him.