Fighting EX Layer


Man, 12 characters and it’s $60? Yikes. I mean, I still want to get this because it looks really fun, but have they said anything about future characters being free or something along those lines to justify the price? I mean, I guess it’s not a big deal. Fighting games used to sell at full price with less characters than that back in the day. Just curious.

On the bright side, Blair looks awesome and so does Shadowgeist!


They are still figuring out DLC, but I believe they said in the stream that they will be priced.
However, there’s a “light” version of the game for 39.99$ with the 5 Gougi sets that was in the beta demo, while the full version will have 15 Gougi sets. Both versions will have 12 characters at launch.

I’m thinking they will probably go down the route as Killer Instinct and Street Fighter V, putting out more character DLC for people to buy. Thing is, this is a very small team who do this all on their own, so their funding is very limited too. All in all, it’s about whether or not you would want to support the team by buying the full version or not.

It is fully understandable if people think the price is too high for the amount of content though. It is very much like how SFV was at launch, the difference being that Capcom had Sony money to support them, while Arika doesn’t.


I hope it’s like KI or MK9, and that eventually we get all the EX characters.


Forgive me. I’m a little late. But what are Gouki, and why would I want more of them.


EDIT: SORRY!!! It’s called Gougi, not Gouki! My bad! D:

The Gougi system is kinda FEXL’s spin on trying to make the battles a bit more interesting.
They are different sets with 5 abilities on each that can be activated.

For example, one of my favourites was the Shinobi Gougi set. It made you invisible after you dashed/run for a few seconds. While another Gougi set gave you more meter, some gives you armour, some makes you stronger for a while, stuff like that.

However, the more powerful abilities can only be activated if you meet certain criterias, like don’t get hit for 10 seconds or perform a certain number of combos etc.


Huh neat. Like a better version of Infinity Stones. Now i’m more conflicted on which version to buy.


Best to wait until all the Gougi sets have been revealed before you decide. If there’s one of the 5 in the light version you’d most likely use, there’s no need to get the full version.


Is there a list of them somewhere? This game is light on wikis


Only of the 5 we saw in the beta demo.


Thanks. From this list i’d probably use Juggernaut or Agro. But who knows what could be coming later.


do we think that the last two mystery characters are existing EX characters, or brand new ones? I could see them being either Nanase or Pullum Purna and Hayate. But they don’t quite match up with anyone exactly.


Trailer showing off the characters


Shadow Geist’s new design makes him look a lot like Spawn. Especially that green projectile that he uses and the aura from one of his supers.


According to the Gamespot article on the release, the light version is supposed to have 10 out of the 12 characters.


Then gamespot is wrong.


You may be right, was it explicitly stated in the livestream?


You make a good point, and yeah I do want to support a team like Arika, regardless of my initial sticker shock. I’m actually really happy to see these characters again after so much time when I honestly never would’ve thought there was a chance. Plus, the game looks really fun!

There are plenty of fighting games out there that have been left to history that’d I’d absolutely love to see a modern sequel / reboot for; stuff like Weaponlord, Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, Bloody Roar, Primal Rage, Eternal Champions, Darkstalkers, Toshinden and even stuff that wasn’t that great, but still had the foundations for something potentially compelling like Mace: The Dark Age, Kakuto Chojin or Star Wars: MoTK.

So yeah, if one of the good ones is coming back (in a sense), and it already looks awesome, I’d be kinda crazy to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m really hoping it does well so they can keep adding more characters!


Yes. 12 characters for both versions.


Blaire looks cool! Finally we see some gameplay and such of her lol.

Glad to see she still has some similar moves from the last game. Interested to play her, should I get the game.


Pullum Purna’s missing!!!