Fighting EX Layer


Sadly no. The Arika fighting games have always been very sparse on any kind of lore.


Wow I don’t know if that makes it easier or harder to include them in FEXL’s story


FEXL doesn’t really have much of a story either. Just a few key points to every character, but there’s no real story behind it. They are more… excuses… to why the characters are fighting each other.


Fair. Totally fair. Kind of reminds me of S1KI.


At least they had endings and proper bios.


IM looking forward to more characters and more single player options. As of right now its a real chore finding a match online. Rnaked is easier than exhibiton…but in ranked you get matched up with some really good players which makes learnign the game difficult.

When is the next patch? NO date?


End of August, start of September, according to this tweet:


There are bios for these guys. I forget where they came from, but someone put them on the Street Fighter wiki. This game really needs its own website.


They’re not very descriptive though. Very bare-bones.


true. it’s better than nothing though. I’d love some sort of official Arika forum to talk to the devs like we have hear. So we can let them know what the fans would like from the project.


I think the closest thing is the subreddit.


There is a live stream clip from EVO for the EX Layer top 8 on EVO2 channel. Im watching it right now.
I played for a bit earlier and Im gettting better, so I decided to look up the top 8 and hopefully I can walk away with some new understanding for the game from watching this finale at EVO.

Here I will link it…starts at 5:39:00 (Commentary by Ketchup and Jiyunu)
Justin Wong is in the Top 4 and Im guessing he is the favorite.


Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna gameplay.

That new stage looks amazing too.


I don’t blame you for not knowing but they do have their own website. Here you go:


I didn’t even know this! Thank you! :smiley:


So which character & deck is everyone using so far, and which ones are you guys having trouble fighting?


I kind of just use the aggro deck. I think, I never really payed attention to it. But I really like playing Garuda.


I like the 2nd one…the one with armor. I think its called Tank or somehting like that


So… Should I buy the game? Is it fun or too hard to learn how to play? I’m thinking about buy Fighting EX Layer because it look fun and interesting.

Please give me reason why should I play the game.


Were the prev ious games as slow in speed?
They seem to float a bit when jumping etc