Fighting EX Layer


Your comment was very “lol, Asian languages”, which seemed disrespectful to me. Even the “Engrish” comment adds to that.


I would just like to point out that I just assumed I was wrong in assuming that the game was in Japanese because I was told differently by someone else on the forums and did not make a racist assumption based on the fact it sounds Asian.

I still wanna know what they are saying though.


Yeah, it’s why I prefer English voices in fighting games, if the option is there. So I can understand them, even if the voices are better in Japanese, which seems to be the case in Soul Calibur VI, for example.


Lmao that was a typo!! …let me fix that… nothing disrespectful in anyway was posted.


Alright, fair enough if you didn’t mean it that way. But now you know.


Games often have Mandarin translation options (1.6 billion Chinese in China alone, so it’s a big potential market), but game development for titles you likely play will tend to be from either Japan or “the West”. If you hear an Asiatic language you don’t speak in your game, safe bet is it’s probably Japanese.

For what it’s worth, Japanese and Mandarin sound nothing alike once you’ve had a bit of exposure to them. Mandarin has a pretty particular cadence and sound.


It’s worth noting that, while the languages are very different when spoken, the written characters are mostly the same and have the same meanings. Such that (I’m told) speakers of both languages can often read things no problem even though they wouldn’t understand each other if they were to read aloud. Fun.



Yeah, Japanese and Chinese written characters are ideograms (technically logograms, but close enough), so that the characters themselves have meaning irrespective of how you’re supposed to say it. It’s similar to how “2” represents a concept that an Englishman, German, and Frenchman would all understand, even if the spoken “two/zwei/duex” were unintelligible to the other speakers. Written Mandarin and Japanese are entirely built of characters like that.

It’s actually really helpful - when I went to Evo Japan I was traveling with (ethnically Chinese) Singaporeans, so they were able to read stuff and help us find particular food options. I think Traditional Chinese has quite a few more overall characters than Japanese so the translation potential is higher from Chinese->Japanese than vice-versa, but I think from both sides there’s generally enough to get by. It’s a really interesting concept, and one that takes some adjustment in thinking I’ve found.

But yeah, languages are indeed fun :slightly_smiling_face:


Words cannot describe how hyped I am for the next update of Fighting EX Layer



HAH! I love how the rattle of her tambourine sounded like a shotgun at the start. XD

Very nice, can’t wait to play Vulcano Rosso.

Looks like Terry got over him becoming a girl already.
And that Sharon teaser is pretty good.

This game is shaping up to become very well worth the investment indeed.


I kind of miss the Fatal Cutie already. And her game isn’t even out yet!

I love how everyone is focusing on the Sharon teaser and completely ignoring the Area teaser.

I could see them crowdfunding or just saving up for some sort of huge expansion. Something akin to a “season 2”. Where they incorporate a good chunk of the fighting layer characters. As well as Ace, and maybe even Chun-Li. (I feel like this game needs at least one Street Fighter character as a tribute to its origins).




The little blond girl with the big robot arm. They teased her right before they teased Sharon.

Honestly, I think she looks cooler than Sharon, and am more excited for her.


… Who? I don’t know her…



She’s in the trailer at the 1:30 time code


I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Ok. Dude. Stop messing with me. I hate that. If you don’t like the character fine. But this isn’t funny.


Sorry, I was just teasing. :wink:


I understand now. I just hate teasing (i’m a little bit more sensitive then is practical).

I think Area looks cool though, so i’m Definitely excited to try her out. Same with Sharon.

On a completely separate note, was there any sort of story or character bios for the old Fighting Layer? I can find out what the characters are, but I’m having trouble finding out WHO they are.