Fighting EX Layer


Did you play the Street Fighter EX games? Did you like them? Do you mind the controls being old-school janky, but the game still being fun? From what you have seen of the game, does it appeal to you at all? Do you like the graphics? The character designs? Do you like what you have seen of the gameplay?

If you can answer yes to most of these things, then yeah, I think you should buy it.

Yes, the games have always been floaty, but slow? You think FEXL is slow?


Only when they jump- pullum seems like a paper cut-out when jumping
I have to watch it again

I’m not familiar with this series so I wondered why they jump like that, if it’s nostalgic or because they are in development


Ah, fair enough. But yes, the jumps are kinda floaty. Gives you time to do some good aerial combat, which is a thing in this game. Many characters have moves and supers executed while airborne.


I did see her knees animate so I digress. It was my initial viewing - lol
The models look awesome-


This is a weird artifact of early 3D games like Virtua Fighter and Tekken which were the games that inspired the Street Fighter Ex games to be made. For whatever reason all those games have crazy floaty jumps. Tekken and VF have toned them down over the years but only a little bit. Compared to most 2D fighters these games leave you hanging in the air forever.


Its a very fast paced game… the combo and controls are very fast. You really have to mash it out and get those super moves in. Its a lot of dash dash , hold forward,, special moves… super move.
Meaty on wake up… back up., dash dash./run repeat.

I like it a lot!


I do see that street fighter is a bit floaty as well, I never made that connection until now-
Now I know why those jump attack combo starters are so popular

I checked out & bought this anime game ‘koihime enbu ryo rai rai ‘

it’s very much like blazblue/guilty gear very fast paced- assist character specials etc it was $19.99


I think SF is just a little bit slower than a lot of games. Certainly almost all fighting games leave you higher and in the air for longer than in real life (lol - not too many “jump ins” in mma).

Can you link to a video for that game?

Edit: found some stuff in YouTube. Looks like a perfectly fine anime fighter. Moves a bit slower than some giving me a samurai showdown vibe.


this site doesn’t allow vid clips wish I could’ve added my own-
But yes it’s kinda cool I needed something new to check out (even though persona/ gg/bb could’ve taken me over until October)

typical meter system that buffs specials, counters, 5/6 assist characters for containment/ damage etc/ super with full meter bars- lots of bright slashing :trophy:


… Why are you posting it in this thread?


The discussion of floaty fighting that fighting ex layer has was discussed, leading to my comparison of that tech to that of similar games, similar to you discussing a squirrel girl with underboob in the soulcalibur 6 thread.



… Carry on.


Just might buy a PS4 for this game.


I’m really thinking of getting it later, is, just in a crunch since the version of sc6 I want is $150!

I know I also would want the arcade version of ex fighting layer as well…

I’d lose terribly online matches with unfamiliar territory


It has an arcade mode right now. There are no story ending though. But there is an arcade mode were you fight 5-6 opponents in a row. The game is very bare bones…I wouldn’t buy it right now if you dont plan on playing it competitive and I def wouldn’t buy a PS4 just for this game.


I don’t plan to do so, but I bought it day 1 and haven’t turned back.
Haven’t enjoyed a fighting game like this for quite some time now. :heart:


Me either but we already have a PS4…one post said he would buy a PS4 for the game and the other only to play arcade mode but doesnt have the money to do so.

So if you cant afford it… then I dont recommend spending the money on it unless you plan on playing it daily for a while.


If you don’t have the money, don’t spend money on it…
That’s kinda redundant to say, isn’t it?


Sigh… do you ever stop complaining and trolling? All you do is jump in on everyone’s conversations that you dont agree with and try to start an argument. You are a very sad and lonely person IMO. Every now and then you can be OK, but that’s only when someone agrees with you, which is rare.
@BblackorchidD and @TheSkullAddict made a statements about maybe getting the game along with a PS4 ($300 game at this point) but due to money tied up in another game was unsure. I gave them my advice…its that simple. And as usual you dont agree so you start with all these comments about how things are redundant. Just stop, its really tiresome.

Ill say it again…buying a PS4 just for this game would nto be worth it. Now if you are going to get all the other great games on PS4 then go for it! Also if you dont have the money for this game currently (Its on sale right now BTW for $30 or less) then wait. Its not a game that has much content.


Come on, that’s unfair. I was just pointing something out. It was not meant as either complaining or trolling.

I care about this game, so I wish to add my 2 cents to the conversation as well. I’m a part of this community too. Even if you don’t think well of me and just want to brand me some troll.

As for the game, I’ve been in the exact same situation. I actually went and bought an Xbone so I could play Killer Instinct. However, as it turned out, that was a huge mistake. As much as I loved Killer Instinct, it turned out to be the ONLY game I liked for the Xbone. Most of the games I like and was looking forward to turned out to be PS4 exclusives (or on PC, but I only have a crappy laptop, so that’s not an option).

So no, don’t go buy a console for just one game’s sake. At least the consoles aren’t new anymore, so there are lots of games to play on them. Do the research and see if there are more games on the PS4 you like. And make sure Fighting EX Layer is indeed a game worth the investment.

As I said in a post above, I think it is worth it. I’m enjoying the hell out of it. But the game in itself is an investment. Arika is coming out with more content for it, because of people like me who bought the full Standard version, so Arika got enough money to create more content. We will see Pullum Purna and Vulcano Rosso at the end of this month, and later Terry Bogard, Area and Sharon will join the fray.

In my opinion, it’s a fun game, but I recommend in putting some research into it first to see if it appeals to you before buying it yourself.

Getting a whole console just for the game though… is not something I would recommend.