Favorite Season 2 Trailer (Feedback for Future Trailers) +POLL!

Hello everyone,

The purpose of this thread is to give Feedback to the Development Team specifically on the Trailers of the Season 2 cast and how well you enjoyed each of them. Try to avoid speaking about what you think of a certain character or their play style, instead focus on how the trailer was presented.

Did the story do a good job of showing off the character? Was there ample showing of the character, their stage, and music? Too much? What did you like about one particular trailer compared to another? Be as specific as possible.

This feedback may very well shape how future trailers are developed!

Please vote for your favorite Season 2 trailer and more importantly, explain WHY you enjoyed that one in particular!

Favorite Season 2 Trailer?

  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Kan-Ra
  • Riptor
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Cinder
  • Aria

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TJ Combo









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I don’t care for Kan Ra, but his trailer is soooo good. Hisako’s is a close second.

They’ve got the music, cinematic shots, gameplay clips, tease at story. I prefer the trailers that don’t have so much silly stuff like Riptors.

Hisako and Aganos had my favorites, Omen is close second. They did really well at introducing a characters background while showing off a good amount of their gameplay. Showing off gameplay should probably be the priority due to the game’s selling model (it’s been stated before that the trailers are more for the people that don’t frequent the forums and streams and stuff), but it’s important for it to be presented with a story context. If there’s one thing besides gameplay that attracts new people besides gameplay it’s characters and their story. That’s why I think those are the best. Also, music is good, and I think Aganos and Cinder actually had the best in terms of how excited and well timed the music was. This is pretty constant in most trailers though so no particular attention needs to be given id say. Yea. Good stuff!

For me most were good but kan ras trailer has to be at the top probably because i like that character the most it was just perfectly done, close behind are hisakos and aganos, i liked the older trailers too before the whole story focus came in a mix of both the old style and a little story of the new ones would be best.
Also spinals and fulgores from season 1 were perfect too

For me the Hisako trailer and the ARIA trailer are somewhat tied. I decided ARIA’s is slightly better. I just love the whole idea behind her (I currently kinda have a strong AI obsession) and her whole way of talking and everything.

Is it just me or does ARIA’s voice sounds much cooler in the trailer? She has this deep bassy sub-tone in her voice that makes her voice sound so cool. Does she sound like that in the game? I have her as the announcer but she sounds a lot more dull, in my perception.

Hard choice. Aganos’ epic trailer is my choice, the quest of the silent golem against Kan-Ra, the music… It’s perfect

ARIA’s speech and Omen’s threatening us with Gargos return are very close for me, and the humor of the Riptor trailer it’s brilliant too.

Didn’t liked Kan-Ra and Maya, only gameplay without any narrator are kinda meh

Aganos without a doubt has the best Trailer. Explains everything about his character in terms of gameplay and story. This formula has worked everytime you use it, so it would be fantastic to continue this.

Plot/Character backstory.
Character intro pose for reveal.
General gameplay show casing what they are capable of.
More Plot
Ultra/Stage Ultra.
Win Pose.

Aganos uses this the most effectively because it also builds Kan-Ra’s character as well, it explains their rivalry pretty well and gives them and even the universe a bit of history.

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Hisako trailer. Cinder actually seemed cool in the tease. But then he came out cringey and annoying.

Here’s the thing… It all depends on what you’re showing.

TJ’s style was great for teasing just the character.
Maya and others like hers were great at teasing the character moveset.
Riptor’s was similar to TJ’s… It’s about the character and embracing what/whom they are, but just longer.

Like, IF I had to choose which trailer type I’d always want, it’d be the ones that give a bit of character exposition while showing off their movesets like Aganos, Cinder, Hisako, Omen and ARIA.
But really it’s all about “Is it a trailer? Is it a teaser? Is it a showcase?” because all 3 have their merits and times.
As long as the essence of the characters are continued to be embraced as they have… There is no favourite, per say.

So I can’t contribute to the poll :smiley:

Kan-Ra always make me goosebumps. Anyone did get goosebumps?

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Pretty much this, verbatim. I was going to say +1 and leave it that, but apparently you need a minimum of 15 characters. Never thought I’d have a problem with not posting enough lol.

I’d say the Kan Ra trailer was brilliant mostly because of his personality. Something about the Hisako trailer was off to me. It has a very Amateur cut away. Personally I liked the Season 1 trailers how they were. It just showed the characters in all their glory.

Hisako trailer, for sure. Perfect blend of introducing the character and their story along with the Season 1 style of showing the moves with the audio. Also I’m a sucker for those transitions (Max and IG you outdid yourselves on that).

And while Hisako was my favourite Character trailer. Special mention to that S2 launch trailer because it caused hours of pausing and rewinding because of that awesome theme for Combo and the character shadows. You have to do something like that again because it was so fun.

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Aganos is my favorite. Then Hisako.

I love the music, the story telling (Kan Ra’s voice actor is amazing), how the gameplay is shown. Even the teaser was good.

Riptor (because it showed more of the ki lore & world it was almost a bigger picture of ultra tech it fitted her into the world but it was still about her)

Maya (because it showed her beautifully detailed background so elegantly with her music. This was simple but stunning would have been even better with some extra animations of her finding her blades etc )

Kan-ra (because kan ra was so amazingly voice casted it made him so interesting. The camera angles were ace too but working more into the face and facial animations speak volumes)

Hisako (great voice into again it was great to see more story)

For me the best trailers show me show things ive not seen and extends the ki world. I like it when u see the charicters in diffefent placements of the backgrounds.

For example Hisako could have walked up the beach (hill part) of sadiras background and got into the stage that way rather thsn everything be shown on the 2d plane.

Like orchids was good becusse she was working on the computer she was in the background but her animation and iterations were not recycled assets.

Each trailer should have somthjg specially animated.

my favorite trailer is maya trailer

i really like max making season 2 trailers but i prefer classic trailers like the character kicking ■■■ in he stage

Kan’Ra’s was great.

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This x10000. I really hope they do the Silhouettes again, trying to work out what Broccolli Man and co looked like was fantastic. Hopefully they do this sooner rather than later so we can all speculate and get a tease on what Kim Wu and Tusk will look like.

I agree with you.