Favorite Season 2 Trailer (Feedback for Future Trailers) +POLL!

Please don’t suggest more silhouettes. We need actual concept, a silhouette at this point is crazy cause there are no surprises

in season 2 finale trailer ther have to put a character gameplay and the character sillhouettes in gameplay side

Yes silhouettes we’ll least have a couple of surprises.

Also alot of the recent trailers didnt show off the characters actual stage alot except for a few seconds

My favorite Trailers are Riptor, Omen, Cinder and Aria.
I vote for Omen

Hisako for me. Aganos, Cinder, and ARIA were also very good.

In my case I like and enjoy ALL of the Season 2 characters’ trailers :sunglasses:

I was hype for Aria but the trailer was meh. Mostly because of her voice which lacks a little something. And if I remember correctly was annoyingly talking through everything the entire time.

It’s the same with her announcer voice in the actual game btw. It lacks something, but as a “typical” AI voice, I guess it works.

I agree id love if aria didnt whisper but have an aggressive horror slant sortof like angry and desperate