Evo 2017 Reveal Stream is on Today

Hey guys, the Evo games will be announced today for those who want to tune in to show some support for KI. Fingers crossed that we get another year!


Oh My…:scream:

I’ll definitely tune in. I honestly don’t expect KI to make the cut a 4th time but we’ll see!

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crossing fingers

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Bracing myself for “NO KI AT EVO!!! KI IS F***ING DEAD!!!” Comments for today.

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Announcement spoiler: KI replaces Melee and gets a permanent spot in the lineup!

Meanwhile, back in reality…:confounded:


I’m not expecting KI to make it this year, but with Tekken 7 not coming until June, I mean… Maybe?

Nah, not even going to get my hopes up lol.

That’s a possibility. I’ve been thinking that if either Tekken and/or Injustice 2 was delayed that that would be the opportunity KI has to make it into the lineup this year. If it’s only one of the two then it would be between KI and UMVC3 which I think KI would still get in.

Gotta stuff them smash games in lineup smh.

after the crazynes of the ban for the teabagging i dont know if will be on the line up for this year at EVO…
but i hope it is on it.


I kinda already posted about this…nobody saw it?

My prediction for a 7 game lineup:

  • SFV
  • Melee
  • Smash Wii U
  • GG Xrd
  • Tekken 7
  • Injustice 2
  • KoF 14

If an 8th game, add UMvC3.

If a 9th game, add KI or Blazblue, but will guess KI.


Gonna half to agree

Do more ppl really play KOF 14 than KI? that game is horrible!

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Hopeful but not expecting it. Gotta remember it’s pushing 4 years old at this point… Many new games have come out and are coming out.

I love how Melee can get a spot easier than KI…


Anyone know if KI can be played at that one arena looking stage this year?

That list looks about right to me.

And Melee has considerably more entrants than KI @oTigerSpirit. Evo is a business, first and foremost, and it’s indisputable that Melee is a better tournament moneymaker than KI.

Heading into the bunker… Good night guys.

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No MKXL either? Well… ■■■■