Eternal Champions

Does anyone wish Eternal Champions could use a reboot just like KI?

I do like the time traveling concept. Though EC could use a hero who is from our time.

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I dunno if it was time traveling, so much as they were all characters from different times who died. I always dug that concept. I can’t remember if they were all battling for a chance to live again or what the story was (it’s been a VERY long time since I played EC), but with edgier character designs and a great story, I’d love to see this series come back! No question. One of my all time favorites.

My only exposure to this game was from a Tiger handheld version, so I was young enough that I didn’t have any real idea what I was doing.

I think I’ll look up some videos tonight.

I loved this game as a kid and would wholeheartedly support a reboot, especially if it’s anywhere near as good as KI is - the concept of characters from various time periods that died horrible deaths that had a chance to come back and compete in a tournament for the chance to change history? Heck yes! One of the best cohesive stories of any fighting game to-date!

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Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I’d love to give that game another shot on a next gen console. Xavier is still one of my favorite character designs to this day. Larsen, Shadow, Trident… So much awesomeness in that game!

Definitely one of my favorites as a kid. I loved the crazy stage finishers! I’d like to either see this game rebooted, or re-released on PSN or Xbox Live.

After watching some videos, I think I would be terrible at the original game. I was never any good at the early MKs, Street Fighters, or any games like them - I was good at 3D fighters like Soul Calibur and Dead Or Alive, and KI is the first 2d styled fighter I’ve been able to understand at all!

I would prefer a reboot which updates the visuals and mechanics like KI13 did over a re-release.

Take a look at this.

If that game was rebooted. There should be several warriors whose lives will change and some for them to accept their fates.

As for the Eternal Champion, how about a successor to take his place?


I loved this game growing up. It was hard as nails and discovering the various ways of finishing the match was great. Positioning in the stage had to be pixel perfect.
Loved the cast, they were extremely different from the norm. Xavier and his serpent staff was my fav.

I’m all in favour of a new version.

I liked Slash - his fighting style was simply called PAIN - and I liked that. :blush:

I certainly would. A uniqe storyline some interesting characters.

It’s a shame that Sega of Japan forced the franchise to be killed off entirely. Granted that was nearly a decade ago so perhaps times have changed. At the very least the reason for the move (not wanting to encroach on the Virtual Fighter nitch) would no longer seem relevant, so here’s hoping.

Maybe they could sell the ip on to someone who could bring it back. Kinda like gears and ms

Eternal Champions 3 was going to be on Sega Saturn, but Sega of Japan thought that the American Developed fighting game would hurt sales of Sega Japan’s 3D fighting Game Virtua Fighter. Bad move because VF launched so badly they had to re-release the game with major bug fixes. Thanks Japan, you ‘REALLY’ know what Americans want.

Sure so you can count me in on that now

PLEASE an Eternal Champions reboot!


Here is an Intresting fact.
The Eternal Champions moves are based around animals to represent as a way to represent one of the beauties of nature were his brother (Correct me on that) the dark champion’s natural disasters dark side of nature


cool stuff! it would be superb if Microsoft to do a remake of Eternal Champions!

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I only played Challenge From The Dark Side and i loved playing that game from what i herd is that the Genesis Version was a mess up it wasn’t until Sega discovered that they made the first game play so bad but at least the managed to fix the CD version of The Eternal Champions.

Plus i do want to see this game get a Reboot. Bigger, better , more improved, more/Classic Characters & Old/New Finishers.

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Ya know what would be nice for the characters in Eternal Champions? If they made a new character who’ll be the protagonist… but someone from our time. The present.

That’d be the perfect reboot.

Plus the fatalities… ehh.