Eternal Champions remake

Has anyone thought about remaking Eternal Champions? Iron Galaxy can buy it from Sega.

I feel better if the new protagonist can be someone from our time. As their Ryu.


This game was so fun and creative back in the day. It’d be awesome if they could bring this back with a bit of a darker art style more akin to what KI currently has, as opposed to the more cartoon-ish, Street Fighter look it had back when everyone except Midway was copying SF’s look.

Really, this one’s an absolute classic as far as I’m concerned. Totally underrated. I feel like this, or perhaps Weaponlord, would be right in IG’s wheelhouse: Unique gameplay systems and unique character designs.

Deja’s certainly not doing anything with it. I’d love to see MS fork over some cash to get this IP. While they’re at it, maybe they could grab a few more unused IPs like Skies of Arcadia, Streets of Rage, Fighting Vipers and Nights? Now I’m getting greedy, but as someone that thinks MS should help fill the holes in its catalog by purchasing Sega from Sammy, or at least a vast majority of their IP catalog, it’s hard to want just one! :slight_smile:

I’d certainly like to see a game like this come back. From what I recall this game got discontinued for what was basically a “Tekken” clone…what a shame.

Storywise, what would you all do to remake this? And that includes new characters in mind?

I rather thought this was a subpar fighting game, even back in the day. Never cared much for it.

I would certainly retrain the story because it was so unique in a way. Fighters frm different parts of history.

The original cast would certainly come back as well I think it had alot of diversity already.

It would be nice though not to make it like Mortal Kombat though.

A fighter from our time can be the main hero.

Check out the originals:
Slash (caveman) - 50,000 BC
Ramses III (pharaoh) - 151 BC
Trident (Atlantic gladiator) - 110 BC
Riptide (pirate) - 1566
Xavier Pendragon (alchemist) - 1692
Raven Gindar (mystic healer) - 1802
Dawson McShane (cowboy) - 1849
Jetta Maxx (acrobat & cousin of Czar Nicholas II) - 1899
Larcen Tyler (cat burglar & kung fu expert) - 1920
Midknight (vampire) - 1967
Shadow Yamoto (ninja assassin) - 1993
Jonathan Blade (bounty hunter) - 2030
RAX Coswell (cyborg fighter) - 2345

If there are new characters, I’d go for someone from these times…

Chinese Dynasty warrior - time of Three Kingdoms
Japanese Samurai warrior - time of the Edo period
Soldier - time of WWI/WWII - Cold War

Hero (year 2017/2018/2019/2020) - A young man who is a skilled fighter is uncertain of his future. The Eternal Champion finds him and trains him to compete in his contest. Though this tournament is to decide whose fate shall be changed at the end, he chose the hero, because he believes he has the potential to take his place.

I’d say stick with the idea of warriors from different periods fighting to live again. That main theme works. I’d probably massage a bit more stories out of the characters themselves, i.e. further motivations, rivalries, betrayals, plot twists and turns, etc. I’d want the characters to feel as complete as possible.

Much like KI though, I’d want to see IG bring the games characters out of the 90’s. I mean, call me crazy, but I don’t think that people are going to dress like Jonathan Blade and shoot wrist lasers in 14 years.

So yeah, I think there are ways of bringing these characters back with more modern looks and bringing a darker tone, more compelling plot points and character interactions that can circle around the core conceit of fighting to live again.

Plus, bonus… Retro costumes! :slight_smile:

True the fighters want to fight to live again. But for the new character to be the main hero, he’d not only fight to live again, but he’ll also make friends with some of the fighters.

How about not only to live again, but also to take over as the next Eternal Champion?

I don’t think they’d have just one new character. I also doubt that anyone would be considered the “main” character either. I mean if that’s what you’d be interested in, then more power to you, of course.

I’d personally look at it as a cast of characters that all play roles to play… Some could have alliances, drama, love, hatred, revenge, machinations, goals, beliefs, reasons that push them to want to live again beyond the simple act of living again.

I could certainly see a character or two lusting after power and wanting to take that powerful mantle of eternal champion for themselves. I think that’d be a cool idea.

I think the main hero should have also died as well in that timeline because that made the game very uniqe as far as storyline is concerned


He could maybe sacrifice himself to save a kid from a burning building until he got caught in it himself.

Maybe the Eternal Champion will save him and offer him a place in his contest. Though it is a contest to decide who will change his/her fate, he sees potential in the new hero and believes he can take his place.

That’d make more since. Though he’d outha be a guy with some degree of experience. If he’s “average joe shmo” I’ll likely skip over him in the roster. Lol

But in the expansion of history I’d like to see them try and have a fighter from different periods in time. From Ancient warriors to pirates, etc.

I wouldn’t mind if they tried to add in some more odd guys like what Trident was in Atlantis.

Well this hero from our time should be someone whose familiar with historical events?

The hero in the beginning would feel suicidal and depressed that he has no future. That’s where he meets the Eternal Champion who saved him.

He’d make friends with some of the fighters and enemies from them.

Imagine his ending, if he becomes the Eternal Champions. The people who made friends with and those who felt kind to him, he feels some of the fighters would deserve a second chance in life.

The former Eternal Champion brings him back to his time before his death arrived. He was able to get out of it.

Throughout the ending, he sees graves of the fighters that died. Even went to the museum. He meets their children or descendants for the first time. One of them maybe he fell in love with. Either Shadow Yamoto or Jetta Maxx.

I personally think IG could do the remake/reboot of Eternal Champions. It was developed and published by Sega, Sega still does have some ties with Microsoft (Dreamcast & Xbox history), so perhaps if the right strings were pulled we could see this thing come alive.

Of course, this all would be done after KI is fully finished in terms of content, characters, etc…

loved this game, i think you forgot some minor char though.

I never included those ones. They’re not important.

Gameplay wise, EC wasn’t very good. But damn, those finishers!

I remember playing this game and would love to see a modern version. I thought the idea of warriors from different time periods was an awesome concept. There has never been a better time to be a fighting game fan so the timing of a new EC or Primal Rage couldn’t be better.

What specifically regarding gameplay wasn’t good to you? Also, which EC are you referring to when you say this? I’m just curious, no bashing here lol.