Eternal Champions remake

Genesis version. Movement felt floaty and hits didn’t feel like they had any impact, but hey, there were much worse games out there those days.

Funny thing Sega did a survey a few months back and the one thing surprised me that there was Eternal Champions on their a long with Virtua Fighter and few other Sega IP’s. But in my prospective Eternal Champions deserves a second chance.

Ok I can agree with your sentiments there. I think the overall gameplay was limited due to the console’s limitations. The sequel played way better because it was for Sega CD.

There is currently a VF6 petition going on right now. If you haven’t signed it, I highly encourage everyone to do so.

I believe Microsoft can truly capitalize on this and make VF6 and EC3 (or just EC reboot) a reality. I’ve stated before that Microsoft has ties with Sega, and quite a history with them as well. It would be awesome if Sega heard the cries of their fans and utilized Microsoft’s support and funding to create these highly desired games. Outside of EC and VF, I’m thinking things like PSO2 being a console f2p as it is f2p for PC, or revitalize other Sega franchises that are very much wanted.

Somewhat back on topic, in order for EC to be a successful reboot, it needs tons of changes to the characters, their stories, and the battle system itself. In its current state, it plays like an equally broken (and more outdated) version of Fighter’s History Dynamite. That was the problem with this game in the past. Most couldn’t take it seriously because its only real strong point was that every character had roughly 13 moves, and they all had the same inputs, so there was no real identity to be had with the characters in terms of playstyle. It was just another 6-button SF clone. At least with games like Time Killers, there were only 4 buttons, each based on limb attacks. You could also win the match with a clean hit to the neck, decapitating the opponent. And of course, you could fight even if your arms were cut off. EC doesn’t really have much to stand out with…


looks like it fizzled out but this is what we got


That’s a shame. :frowning:

As much as I loathe the fact that Microsoft has let so many of their franchises whither on the vine, it’s nothing compared to what Sega has done (or not done) with theirs. Virtua Fighter should be on VF7 or VF8 by now. Fighting Vipers, Eternal Champions, Last Bronx, Virtual On… And that’s just one genre. There are so many RPGs, platformers, beat em ups, shooters, racing, action/adventure etc titles that simply should’ve seen continued but haven’t.



Indeed, unfortunately. I hope these titles come back some day, EC especially.