Error 404: Ultra Not Found (Funny Kilgore Bug)


So if you get the KV meter too high, Kilgore’s Ultra blows out the combo. The results are side splitting

He turns into a loading symbol before spazzing out.
I love this character more than I should.

Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

Kilgore doing his best Blanka impression


True beauty. So majestic.


Wow that chest got bodied lmao


Is this intentional, or is it a bug? I hope it’s the former and not the latter.



In all seriousness, this isn’t the only ultra that adds KV during it’s animation (Kan-Ra does too, not sure about anyone else does). However it’s been my experience that it does not cause the Ultra to drop. Just any attempted follow-ups.
I think that the Ultra dropping is a bug, since the Ultra is an ender, and enders that add KV like Aganos’s Payload ender don’t drop when they’re going on.


I hope they keep it because he’s a chump. I want his run down machine aspect to be expressed excessively.


As adorable and pitiful as Kilgore is, I don’t think the devs would intentionally make him drop his combos for using an ender while he has a lot of KV. I’ve noticed the same thing seems to happen if you use throw after a wallsplat: it makes the blow out sound/animation even though the throw lands.
Seems like he’s got some early kinks to work out more than him being purposely dysfunctional.

Not saying I want this nonsense to go away, though. Everyone deserves to see this majesty.


Lol…it looked like he was moving beyond Blanka and heading into Kano territory with that Ultra.


Lol. I have a feeling Kilgore is not 100% ready for prime time and that’s part of why he’s being released in this way. Be interesting to see if he changes much before full release.

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He definitely seems pretty buggy right now. Still, don’t see how that’s a reason to not completely release him. EDIT: I mean, if the devs are confident enough to make him playable in SL and fight able in VS, what’s wrong with him?


It’s funny, since he wasn’t developed by Aria because he was buggy…

I will get my coat…


I was unaware you were a Ubisoft employee.


Damn, shots fired.

Wouldn’t want to overheat, now would we.

Actually being overheated as Kilgore is awesome lol


Lol…Imagine if Ubisoft were making KI…this might be an everyday occurrence:


I had the same, on Kan Ra’s stage.


That explains a lot, i was doing a double ultra with a high KV, and then kilgore starts spinning in the air so funny.


This is about as glorious as Kan-Ra’s telekinetic book slam Ultra

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I couldn’t stop laughing at the bug. That made my Tuesday because I had a hard time at job (I know today is not Tuesday but… I think you get my point).

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Reminds me of the Sonic homing attack thing where it if it targets something that’s moving too fast, it’ll just keep going and going.

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