Error 404: Ultra Not Found (Funny Kilgore Bug)


I like that Kilgore was released this way. We get to play him, and see what he can do. This way bugs and other issues “op or up” for example can be looked into before people play him online.

I think all future characters should be released this way :slight_smile:.


I actually got a VERY similar ultra to happen as well hopefully this is just a bug


DjPaoloMilano88 didn’t know what hit him!


i thought he isn’t playable yet?


You can use him in Shadow Lord.


Kilgore is for now only playable in Shadow Lords (you have to do the Hot Lead chain quests), He is fun to use… and I still laugh at the glitchy Ultra. :smile:


Haha this is a very funny bug. happened to me tonight and previous matches as well

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Yes! This happened to me the other day! I thought it only happened on Aganos lol too funny.


HAAHAHAHHAAAA! This needs to be a meme!

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