Embrace the Shadows - Omen Tech Thread

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I didn’t know he could chain manuals like that! That’s some real cool tech!

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Disgusting…in an awe-inspiring kind of way.

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Just to be clear, why are you calling them “instinct manuals”?

Do you need to be instinct to perform them?

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Yeah, he share’s Jago’s ability to gain +2 advantage on his moves while in instinct. So certain moves and normals can combo into each other once they’re boosted in this way.


I would love to master this HP opener at air who attacks the target at back. Some very good Omen uses this so naturally in battles (ToneriSK8, Osomatsu are examples), most of the times my target can defend my HP. It’s so beautiful to see Omen attacking target at back with HP at air to start a combo.

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Honestly never knew this.

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Plus omen has a ton of hit advantagev to bat with it.

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Just now I fought against a mid-tier Rash (both of us silver players). I won matches against his Thunder and his Aganos sometimes, but his Rash kicked my ■■■! Someone has experience against Rash as Omen? Definetly one of the worst MU ever! He always beats me. Tongue eats rashakukens, annoying juggles, tongue lets him approaches safely and fast… I don’t know what to do against this frog full of theeth! Any tips?

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Down HP and standing HK work great against wrecking ball you just have to time it right,.
@FallofSeraphs76 may know better ways since I can’t really think of much right now.

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Yes, Block the wrecking ball and immediately hit DOWN HP…gets him EVERYTIME! They also pretty much always hit MK after the wrecking ball so you can shadow counter him too. Same ff they try and land with that Combo assist standing light punch or light kick…shadow counter.

Right now the only thing Rash does that can be tricky for me is the tongue tech.

Get on top of him and back dash down for the cross up. If he has meter stay back and force him to use it. If he has while you are on top of him he will shadow boot you.


Later I’ll try these techs in practice mode. Block Wrecking Balll and down HP really works? Because as you said he always comes with MK, I wouldn’t be punished by MK doing this? Tongue is also a problem because you never can get distance from Rash, and he eats Rashakukens who protect Omen from being punished sometimes.
I also must change some things on my gameplay. After air dash I have the habit to always use a medium auto double, he was combo breaking me very often. Sometimes I threw Counter Breakers and I got him, but others my Counter Breaker failed. The A button of my controller also is not so good, sometimes I press him and the character doesn’t respond at time (I must fix this controller). I try a demon loop and lose the combo on LK, this is very annoying. Or I don’t know if I’m teching too late. Maybe I record a video playing one day for you guys give me some tips.


Tongue and Wrecking Ball are the great KI illusions. Both are not safe at all, and every character has a means to punish Rash for using it.

Cr. HP ought to be the punish of choice for most characters for a blocked Wrecking Ball approach and its follow up but there’s other thing you can possibly do. Some characters can get full juggle combos off of that. Also note that you can challenge a Wrecking Ball’s armor with your own heavy normal, though it never usually does not favor Rash.

With a tongue approach, that move is like -5 on block and does not hit overhead if you’re crouching. If you’ve got a fairly good LP or LK, which i think Omen’s LK would suffice, you can mash that after a lateral tongue and blow up his approach. He can be tricky when he tries things like short jump tongue for a cross up or overhead tongue. It just takes some diligence to find what you can do after these approaches to either punish Rash or keep your defense up.

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You will NOT be punished by MK. Now we are talking regular air wrecking ball…not shadow. And make sure to MASH down HP during your block stun, dont wait until he has already come out of the block stun and beats you to MK. Its kind of like canceling down HP out of block stun if that makes sense?

Down HP, hold up and dash down on top of his wake up on either side for the cross up or naked jump into a grab. mix it up.

Once you hit them with down HP there entire game plan goes into panic mode and they cant cheez that crap no more… you can then control the match.

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This is something i need to work on…just seems like when it happens it doesnt feel like a -5 LOL


At first, when i was labbing against tongue, yes, it didn’t feel like it was truly minus. Of course, i was labbing as Kim Wu with fast buttons, but stubby reach on said buttons.

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Hello everyone :smile:, so with a short hiatus from my Youtube channel, I’M BACK!
Enjoy this compilation of corner pressure and conditioning.


There actually is a specific height/angle he can use where he is + on block with tongue, not sure how consistently Rash players can trigger it though so idk whether it’s worth taking into account when dealing with tongue pressure.

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Thats the one, becasue I rarely see a grounded tongue. its always from the air

  • Good news: Hi, guys! Today I got gold rank with my baby Omen! :tada::clap:t5::clap:t5::tada: I think I improved a bit haha or maybe just was a lucky day :flushed:

  • Not so good news: But I still newbie in this game, I need to improve my defense against a lot of characters. For instance, Fulgore is giving me problems now :sweat: also I run two sets against @CyberRoseKnight’s Wulf and I got rekt. 10-1 and 5-0. I’ve come to have more respect to Wulf after watch his Wulf in action lol Wulf’s pressure in neutral is just insane. I get opened a dozen of times. Any tips against Wulf?

  • Omens’s Techs: Also I want to say that I feel that Orda ender is kinda useless, don’t you? You can do 1 or 2 hits after the ender but I don’t think it worth for damage. The only situation I think it worth is when Omen is in instinct mode and use Orda Shield to lock meter when the opponent is in the air. Go for kicks enders or Rashakuken ender if want meter. I watch some matches of ToneriSK8 playing with Omen a lot of times, I’m trying to add his resets with Shadow Form to my arsenal. For now I just use tihs for defense, I need to practice it more. Also I’m watching @ItzTymeToDul Sets with friends series to try to reproduce some of his techs (some of them I watched 3 times lol). I’m having a hard time to open people, specifically mid-high tier players. Omen’s openers are his ligthing kick and slide. Ligthning kick when miss is easy punishable, and M.slide and H.slide too. I think the best option is air dash -> normal, am I right? Because 90% of the times when I open someone is with normal air dash attack (HP most of times). I think I’m doing something wrong when I try to open people.

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lol Orda ender is NOT USELESS! OMG thats should be your main ender to set up your vortex.
Orda end- walk forward and light kick flip out- into grab or into light slide cross up combo or jump air dash cross up or if you think they will jump to escape do nothing and anti air.

All enders have a use and are important. You have to decide when its important during the match.

Rashkuken ender - when you need meter (usually always to end the life bar)

Orda ender- set up flip out, grab, or many vortex setups ( keep them guessing) Also great to bait out a break attempt on the flip out and catch them with a counter breaker)

Orda kick ender - use this for MAX damage and to push them to the corner

Slide ender - 2nd best damage and use this to switch sides and put them in the corner

Hope this helps!