Embrace the Shadows - Omen Tech Thread

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…I need to hit the tech thread ASAP.


…but Dul… this is the tech thread…

Also, @DurtyDee810 - I really dig that DP bait. At first I was thinking it wouldn’t be very practical, but in a longer set w/ someone who shows they like to try and mash DP out of corner situations, it can be a powerful message to send early (which is something I wish was mentioned more often, the communication inherent in our actions) and could give you a lot of free pressure later in the set. If we’ve revved up and can gain back one of those bars spent, I’d say it’s a completely valid expenditure of 2-bars. Very nice.

Now to find more generally applicable setups into and for EX.Rasha… I’d like to incorporate it into my Omen a bit more, and I feel like it has serious setplay value, but I am presently too unstudied.


I know :smirk::smirk:

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Don’t be a tease!

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Fine. I’ll make a video and post it on my YouTube channel.

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Hey again everyone. Been working more with Omen and there is a bit of tech with him that I’ve been experimenting with and wanted your thoughts on.

What are the advantages to using Shadow Rashakuken vs Shadow Orda Shield against an opponent after a launcher ender?

I’ve been starting to use Omen’s launcher ender as a way to set up Shadow Rashakuken before the enemy gets up, leaving them with few options beyond guarding while Omen sets up crossups and mixups with the little time provided. However I’m also wondering when Shadow Orda Shield can or should be used instead after a launcher ender. I haven’t found too many reasons why however so I would not mind if anyone here could let me know based on their own experience please.

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IMO there are no real advantages other than it looking cool. Its unbreakable damage but it isnt worth the meter IMO. It can cause chaos and salt, but I wouldn’t rely on it as a go too move.

After Orda launcher you want to do flip out into grab or flip out into light slide. Then the next time go for counter breaker and then repeat.

Then maybe no flip out or juggle at all…let them land and then jump over their head and do and air dash backwards to cross them up.

Mix them all up to keep them guessing and you will do fine.

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Oh, I didn’t mean using Shadow Rashakuken/Orda Shield to juggle an opponent, I mean so that they are forced to block because there’s a projectile in their face when they wake up (much like how an Aria player will use Bass Assist after her launcher ender to keep the opponent grounded so she can mixup them, or how a Fulgore player uses fireball -> teleport to force the opponent to block the fireball and leave themselves open to a near-unreactable mixup)

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Might want to add “on wake up” instead of “after launcher ender”

You meter is better spent else were. All they have to do is block it out, the hit stun is going to keep them from being thrown or hit anywhere else. You could do this and then go for the over head cross up timed just right as they come out of hit stun…but I dont see where doing what you are asking about is going to be a go to move.

All you can do it try it out and see how it works for you and how much its worth to you on your meter management.


Yeah, what Fall said. Since Omen doesn’t have an overhead, and he can’t be thrown while in block stun from the shadow rashakuken/orda, there isn’t a mix-up there. Potentially you could do shadow rashakuken and shadow form to the other side, but then you’re spending 2 shadow blocks for one 50/50 mixup. Not worth it IMO
FWIW, I never really found a use for launcher ender except what Fall said, i.e. flip out into stuff.

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Launcher>cr.MP x H.Orda(1) x EX.Rasha>st.LK x M.Slide

If timed correctly, you will slide under them as they land from flipout, and the first Rasha will be a crossup. Timing is strict, sorta gimmicky, but it’s very nice. Remember that off of any given opening it is trivial to build that bar back.

I like to cancel my flipout st.LK into EX.Orda for some freedom to bully w/ buttons and Rasha. So long as you aren’t in INSX, you can use the orbs to tick into grab. They don’t actually provide so much blockstun that throws are impossible, it’s just a narrow window, so if you want the Orda tick-throws, you’ll have to hit the lab and practice the timing by eye - you won’t always hit them at the same height, so the timing of when orbs connect won’t be same.

In the corner, you can also use EX.Orda to stack unbreakable PD while setting up another flipout w/ st.LK or j.LP, or even sneaking a j.HP>st.LK in there.

Don’t be afraid to spend 2 bars if you can get an opening, especially if it’s a variable timing mixup, or if the breakpoint can be subverted. [3K] is SO MUCH MORE than a mere 50/50 opportunity - in fact, it affords almost all possible mixup opportunities, except command grab (but people will let themselves get hit by Despair! so yeah, also command grab). Mental damage is a bar you can’t see, but can certainly affect, and Omen is bloody good at it.

Damn, you’re making me miss this character.

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Skate has blessed us with the omen tech again! https://twitter.com/Skate_KI/status/877203055573438464

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Ok, these are sick dude. If you hit me with that, I probably get hit a lot.

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Also nice to see Ostrich poking about in here. They’ve got cookies, y’know.


The Great Omen Tech War between Dul and Skate has begun!!!


I actually had an Omen in S2. You can ask Dul. He’s fought it once or twice.

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Oh snap, my apologies good folk. I was nary a twinkle in the eye of the Shadow Lord back then, I had no idea. The only Ostrich I have known is Ostrich of the Tiger and Dragon. Wouldn’t have guessed you were once a Shadowling, you seem such a sweetheart! :smile:

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I had a Shadow Tiger at one point as well. :smiling_imp:


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