Embrace the Shadows - Omen Tech Thread

Tick, Tock

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I’M SORRY Gawduuh

In the 3.6 patch, attempting the Demonic Despair mid double DP (AKA The Thompson Special) is a bad idea.

The timing is pretty strict. Here I am getting stuffed by it.

Even though the timing is strict, it is possible to successfully land a Demonic Despair.

You’re better off jabbing when Jago lands. This isn’t really tech for Omen at all. This is just more evidence to show everybody how powerful Jago’s double DP is.


I’ve done it a few times after 3.6. It’s good to use when you are certain the opponent is going for a throw attempt. My suggestion is if anyone intends to use DD they need to play with Omen in a way where he doesn’t necessarily depend on his shadow meter, that way you don’t feel defenseless when you miss.

Would this be a good place to talk about Omen’s anti-air capabilities? I wanted to talk about it as I’ve been finding it difficult for him to make reliable anti-air while playing AI. I’ve been having a lot of issues getting a reliable LP Orda Shield off on a jumping opponent, whether because my timing was off or because the opponent happens to avoid it (such as being so close that the projectile misses the opponent entirely). I haven’t been very reliable using C.HP either, which I find incredibly slow and requires a good read and foresight to get a proper hit in.

I think I may need to experiment more with Omen’s J.MK/HP/HK, each of which have varying hitboxes which might do a better job hitting a jumping enemy. But what I’d like to ask is: How do you other Omen players play the anti-air game? It’s probably one of my weakest areas in KI atm and I wouldn’t mind any suggestions or advice on how to improve it please :slight_smile:

I try not to anti-air with him unless the jump ins are very obvious.

If people like to jump in on me. I just shadow counter.i have plenty of meter.

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Don’t know how well known this tidbit is, but omen can fairly easily jump cancel all of his grounded normals and specials to gain early throw invulnerability. While mostly situational, it also really helps when reversaling with uppercut, since light orda has no throw invulnerability normally. Might also help when trying to reversal out of thunder or Raam pressure, resets, or even at midscreen to make throwing fireballs much safer against kan rah and glacius.

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difficult for him to make reliable anti-air

I anti-air with cr.HP closer in, st.HK farther out, H.Orda for flight-suit Gargos and sometimes Sadira. I tend to reserve L.Orda to try and reversal out of pressure (including the occasional wakeup). They may seem slow, but they’re your anti-airs, and w/ Omen learning to use your anti-airs opens up a trove of bonus prizes. In addition to discouraging jump-ins, you get unbreakable damage, mixups, and all sorts of positional control. I strongly recommend practicing AAing w/ cr.HP x H.Orda.

I also really love the occasional backdash>tripguard punish if they’re insistent, but this is incredibly situational and better reserved for those characters whose inherent gameplan involves lots of airtime - against a Sadira or a Cinder it sends a strong message about your spatial awareness and knowledge of options (if you are good enough to mean it, and the player is good enough to hear it, of course)

This is definitely an option. I wouldn’t recommend it being your first option, but you can spend your “fun money” to roll the dice on post-jump-in button (they will, it’s like 97% in your favor). You’ll pick up a combo, and odds are that combo will recoup what you spent on the SC in the first place, so you break even on resource and come ahead on life. It’s also got the dual-edged sword of being easier under pressure.

Keep it in mind, use it because you can and for the message it sends (“I don’t like AAing jump-ins”), but also be capable of manipulating what that message means. You’ll always come out ahead w/ AA juggles, but it only sends one message - “don’t jump at me,”

I support this mentality 100%! Omen’s got that extra bar (I think of it as “fun money”) for a reason, right? There is always room for experimentation, and if you come from other similarly formatted games I think you’ll find that KI encourages some interesting jump behaviors in quite a few of it’s characters (jumping at strange times and angles from strange ranges, essentially) so it’s good to have a plan for discouraging aerial presence outside your typical [cr.HP] box or DP swish.

I have found use for j.HP as a sort of AA from Turbulence on approach, and everything is better with EX.Orda. :smile_cat:

For real, it’s pretty much everyone’s weakest area. It’s generally accepted that AAing is one of the most important fundamental FG skills, but it’s also sort of difficult and takes lots of practice. It’s one of those things that even the best of the best have to consistently practice.

Wait wait wait… for real? Like, an SJC input? Like reversalling w/ :arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left::arrow_up:+button :arrow_down: ? Have I misremembered the input? Or are we talking about different things?

I need to know how to not get shanked up when I’m being a jerk. Teach me senpai.

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I’m not sure what you mean. Can you go more in depth in this?

To jump cancel a button just hit the button almost instantly after you hit up. To jump cancel specials, I find that doing the special input normally then up+button right after works well. It’s easy to know if your doing it correctly because of omen’s specific jump animation. If your jump cancelling correctly you will see his wings come out for a fraction of a second as your move starts up.


Basically all of this is how I use omen. Orda shield is not meant as a solid anti air, rather, an option when ppl jump your fireballs or space control.

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So, yeah, an SJC. ILY :heart_exclamation:


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Funny thing is I found this accidentally trying to see if I could instant overhead.


I crouching HP and Standing HK for my AA’s. Standing HK is amazing if timed correctly. Best standing HK in the game!

Very rarely do I used Orda as an AA. I also light to light slide underneath them to catch them off guard and attack.

I’m not sure how useful it is. I think I’m doing it right but I’m still getting grabbed.

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I was playing around in the lab and I have a new setup for those players that like to DP in sticky situations.

First I found out that Omen can cancel his throw animation a bit earlier by only doing Shadow Orda Shield or Shadow Rashakuken. He can’t cancel it with other shadow moves.

I tried to find ways to make this useful, because usually after a throw in the corner I would just easily manual with a button and extend the combo. I thought c.MK after the Corner Throw + Shadow Rashakuken would be good because c.MK has a low profile that can duck most DPs if you’re positioned right. But you can still get DP’d unfortunately.

But If you have 2 bars of meter, you can do this.

You have to watch out though, because Jago’s Shadow DP and his Heavy DP can still stuff you.

EDIT: Hmm, when I Shadow Form straight forward I can evade the Shadow and Heavy DPs. Am I just not fast enough in the other video??? hmmmm

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It might be your timing it wrong. I’m not sure, but maybe the throw invulnerablity covers only the moves startup? if so maybe moves like stand light punch that have fewer start up frames also have fewer throw invulnerable frames. I find jump canceling light orda to be very consistent.

…wait I had to reread this like 5 times :joy::joy:. That’s been like that since the character dropped big bro.

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I didn’t know lol.


I didn’t either until they took away Omen’s movement after a throw. That’s when I looked into the command list and there it is!

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